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Robotic Probe in China(I)

Good news for robotic probe development in China. Recently, a news shown that Chang’e IV robotic probe will visit the far side of the moon. Following development of scientific and technology in China, its robotic probe has also leaded to the edge of world.Click Here For More. We may read joyful news and information about Chinese Robotic Probe, Chang’e IV.

Chang’e IV

On Saturday morning, as China’s moon begins to fly towards the silver moon, humans will soon discover the far side of the moon.

According to a statement from the National Space Administration of China, at 2:23 a.m. Beijing time, the Chang’e-4 robotic probe was raised to the top of the Long March 3B launch vehicle at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwestern Sichuan Province, Beijing. Administration.

The statement said that during the multi-cycle flight to the moon, the probe will enter a lunar transfer orbit and then orbit the moon before the autonomous soft landing in the Etken Basin, Antarctica.

Glimpse for Global News(II)

American News

What was the cause of the collision between military aircraft of USA stationed in Japan? Was there any casualties? The newest banner you may read from different search engines related the collision of American military aircraft stationed in Japan, well, let us read below about concrete information.Click Here For More.

Japan’s Defense Ministry said Tuesday that at about 1:40 a.m. local time, an American military accident in Japan broke out. An F/A18 fighter plane and a C130 air refueling aircraft collided in the air, and then the two military planes fell into the sea. At present, the Japanese Self-Defense Force has launched and carried out rescue missions.

According to Japan’s “NHK” on June 6, these two US military aircraft were stationed at the US military base in Iwakuni, Japan. A FA18 fighter plane and a C130 transport aircraft collided with each other during aerial refueling training over muroto-zaki south, Kochi-ken , and then landed at sea.

At present, JAL and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force have launched rescue operations. One person has been rescued, but the details are still unclear. Japan has also closely contacted the U.S. military to confirm the number of people awaiting rescue.

About Chef(II)

Professional Requirements

Cultural requirements

Learning how to be the chefs requires a certain amount of cultural knowledge, endurance and judgment. Learning chefs’ cooking can be registered for relevant cooking schools or places with chefs or directly engaged in catering services.

Moral conduct

Chef’s moral quality means that the professional chef has the level and accomplishment in political thought and moral quality.Click Here For More.

Physical requirements

The chef’s work is a kind of intensive work. To become a qualified chef, from the aspect of physical quality, first of all, we should have a healthy constitution. The chefs’ work very hard, not only massive workload, but also heavy. Whether it is processing and cutting, or cooking in front of the stove, these works require a lot of physical effort from the chefs.

The chef’s work is different from ordinary work, usually reach to his/her post before the customers and eaters, duty off after all consumers and eaters leave; cooking for all of eaters, but taste and eat after duty off.

Sometimes even business gets busy and the chefs cannot eat a whole meal. In addition, they have to withstand the high temperature in front of the stove, the fuming and smoking and so on.

Professional qualities

The professional qualities of chefs include many contents, the main aspect of which is to have exquisite cooking skill.

Specifically speaking, as the qualified chefs, there are more sophisticated skill of cutting up vegetables and meat, to master the duration of fire properly, seasoning to be accurate and palatable.

The chefs should have certain aesthetic accomplishment and artistic innovation foundation. In addition, we should also have the courage to create, have a certain organizational management ability and flexible use of 5S.

Ancient Persian Empire(II)


The Persian Empire arose in the ancient country of the Iranian Plateau. The Persians belonged to a branch of the Indo-European language family. They moved from Central Asia to the southwest of the Iranian Plateau (Fars region) in the late 2000s BC. There were ten tribes (six farming and four animal husbandry). Once under the rule of Medes. The word Persia has been used for centuries, mainly in the West, to indicate a region of southern Iran that was formerly known as “Persis” and “Parsa”.Click Here For More.

During the Elam and Medes period (2700-550 years ago), Elam and Midi were not called Persia by Greeks, but they were an indispensable part of the history of the Persian region. The Medes, who belong to the Indo-European language family with Persians, settled in the northwest of the Iranian Plateau. The Persians came to the Iranian Plateau with the Medes. They settled in the southwestern part of the Iranian Plateau near the Persian Gulf. The Persians had ten tribes, six of which were engaged in agriculture and four in animal husbandry.


Ancient Persia is a typical example of the eastern autocracy. During the Empire period, slavery economy in Western Asia was further developed. Persian culture was mostly influenced by the culture of the Mesopotamia, using cuneiform characters, and plastic arts had higher achievements. The founders of the Persian Empire easily unified the Levant region politically within 25 years (about 550-525 B.C.) and took vigorous measures to achieve the peace and order it desperately needed.

American Education Attract Mother Of Students(II)

A Real Story About Immigrant Of Mother And Daughter

This story is happened in China. The story of a mother and her daughter who successfully emigrated to the United States. The mother left Shanghai five years ago. She worked hard in Shanghai. She had her own home and fluctuating tasks. But the results came. As her daughter grew up day by day, education was always the mother’s most concern. Starting from the perspective of parents’ selfless love for their children, they always want to give their children the best.Click Here For More.

So a lot of research has been done on the private schools in Shanghai, all of which need to face the restrictions of social security, task units and real estate (the mother has paid more than 100,000 social security in Shanghai for four years, so she can not go to other cities), so the mother finally chose to go abroad.

As for the newly established family, when the daughter grows up, she needs a lot of money to go abroad to high school, which the family can not afford. The mother understands that Eb3 non-skilled immigrants have no many restrictions and the policy is comparatively relaxed. In order to let her daughter grow up to have a better identity and better education, so the mother chose to immigrate to the United States. For this reason, the mother and her family traveled to the United States and made a special survey of the United States.

About Web Server(II)

Main Web Servers


Apache is the top Web server software around the world. It can run on almost all widely used computer’s platforms. Because of its cross-platform and security, it is one of the most popular Web Server Software. At the same time, Apache’s pronunciation denotes a tribe of North American Indians, called Apache, in the southwest of the United States. It’s also the name of a foundation, an armed helicopter, and so on.click here


Kangle Web Server (abbreviated as kangle) is a cross-platform, powerful, click here secure, stable and easy-to-operate high-performance web server and reverse proxy server software. In addition: Kangle is also a web server specially designed for virtual hosting. Realize independent process and independent identity running of virtual host. Security isolation between users, one user does not affect other users when problems occur. Security supports php, asp, net, java, Ruby and other dynamic development languages.


Nginx (pronounced engine x) is a lightweight Web Server/reverse proxy server and email (IMAP/POP3) proxy server, which is distributed under a BSD-like protocol. Developed by Igor Sysoev, a Russian programmer, for the use of large Russian entry websites and search engine Rambler. Its characteristic is that it occupies less memory and has strong concurrency ability. In fact, the concurrency ability of nginx does perform better in the same type of web server. Users of nginx websites in mainland China include: Sina, Netease, Tencent, etc.

Indian Consumption And Local Chain(II)

The company seems to have cracked sales to the new Indian middle class, who are very price-conscious, not just to the rich in big cities. Its stores are mostly located in fast-growing “second-tier” cities and suburbs.Click Here For More.

Other Supermarket Chain

No other chains can enjoy such success. Across the street from DMart Tana is Star Bazaar’s new branch, a brand run by Tesco, a large British retail group, in partnership with Tata, a large Indian company.

Star Bazaar’s stores do not mess up bags of grain, Click Here For More. but keep fresh fruits and vegetables in order. On the Dmart side, however, children played in the hall, while Star Bazaar was silent in the doorway.

In addition, Star Bazaar had to shut down 20 small stores in major malls in April because of high rents. By contrast, Dmart owns most of its stores.

Other giants have also retreated. In 2014, Carrefour, the world’s second-largest retailer, stopped operating in India after four years. Walmart continues to run several wholesale stores, but since the acquisition of Flipkart, similar to Amazon’s style, in August, its focus has shifted from running supermarkets to delivering higher-priced goods to relatively wealthy consumers.

Some Information About Science And Technology(II)

Eurostar Resets Customer Passwords After Hack Attack

After detecting an attempt to break into an unspecified number of accounts, Eurostar reset the customer’s login password. The rail service said “it had notified those whose accounts had been targeted.”Click Here For More.

A spokesman told the BBC “We believe this to be an unauthorised automated attempt to access customer accounts,” the spokesman added “We deliberately never store any bank card information, so there is no possibility of compromise to credit card or payment details.” The company said the attack took place between October 15 and 19 and involved a small number of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Cathay Pacific said British Airways had consulted the personal data of 9.4 million passengers and found two attacks, one involving 380,000 transactions through Cathay Pacific’s website and the other involving more than 185,000 people whose payment card information was stolen by Air Cana. DA confirms that the customer account of 20000 may be damaged.

Self-driving Taxis Launched In Guangzhou

Three self-driving taxis set off in Guangzhou on Thursday, believed to be the first in China.Click Here For More.

The taxi is an electric SUV, managed by two experienced drivers. In the initial stage, the taxi runs from 14:00 to 16:00 a day in the giant center of higher education in Guangzhou province, China.

Guangzhou Baiyun Taxi Group Co., Ltd. is one of the largest taxi companies in South China, responsible for operating new cars. The company said that the service time and scope will be expanded in the future.

Drivers monitoring autonomous taxis have received at least 200 hours of training to adapt to their new roles.

Terracotta Army In China(II)

History Background

Human martyrdom is a cruel and barbaric funeral system that sprouted with the collapse of primitive public ownership and prevailed until slavery was established. The most prosperous period of human martyrdom was the Yin and Shang Dynasty, and there were martyrs in the noble tombs of the Shang Dynasty. In the Gong Mausoleum area of Yin Dynasty ruins in Anyang, more than 5,000 people were killed and killed in more than a dozen tombs that have been excavated.click

The Zhou Dynasty drew lessons from the tyranny of the Yin and Shang Dynasty, click which restrained the phenomenon of human martyrdom to a great extent, but it did not eradicate it. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, social changes led to changes in burial customs, which resulted in the use of terracotta figurines and wooden figurines instead of human beings.

Building Structure

The terracotta warriors and horses of Qin Shihuang are sitting in the funeral pit from west to east, and the three pits are arranged in a Chinese word pin (in Chinese 品) pattern.

The earliest discovery was the No. 1 Terracotta Warriors and Horses pit, click which was rectangular. There were more than 8,000 terracotta warriors and horses in the pit, and there were ramp doorways on all sides. Separately there is a terracotta warriors and horses pit on both sides of No. 1 terracotta pit, which is called No. 2 pit and No. 3 pit. Terracotta Warriors and Horses pit is an underground tunnel-like civil structure building, which digs a pit about 5 meters deep from the ground and builds a parallel earth partition wall in the middle of the pit.

Steak For Children(II)


1 Food Materials prepared: Beef tenderloin, relative vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and so on, Olive oil, Black pepper. Certainly, do not forget to prepare seasons such as tomato sauces, Oyster sauces, Light soy sauce, and salts, Chicken bouillon granules, water.Click Here For More.

2 Beef have to clean well, then beat it till soft and loose.

3 Smear proper black pepper on each side of beef steak then wrapping it by preservative film and putting into freezer is for at least 2 hours.

4 Spaghetti, prepare the saucepan on the stove, then put the water into the pan and heat till boiled. The spaghetti put into the boiled water.

5 Boil the spaghetti till the pasta is cooked and feel not too hard.Click Here For More.

6 spaghetti cooked put into bowl with proper walnut oil and stir evenly. Meanwhile do not wash the noodle by cold and cool water.

7 Various of vegetables, clean the broccoli and carrots then slice the carrot and break the broccoli as small cubed.

8 Put the vegetables into the boiled water for a moment, then take out the vegetables immediately and drain till dry.

9 Take out Beef preserved from freezer, then heat the butter on the pan. There is the suggestion as steak should be not too big size and must saute the steak till 100 percent cooked without any raw parts.

10 This is method for paste and sauces. Using the pan which sauteed the steak cooks paste. We have to pour the tomato sauces, oyster sauce, light soy sauce, less black pepper, water into the pan till sticky of paste. If children like to eat onion, then deep fried the onion slices and put it into pan to boil together with other ingredients.

11 Well, self-make steak is done till this method. Merely you have to sprinkled the paste on the steak and spaghetti.

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