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To Educate the 3-year-old Children, is True or False?

In fact, parents who generally process early education will focus on developing their children in these aspects, but the results are often not satisfactory.

First of all, in terms of interpersonal skills, in the concept of parents, children will get better exposure to other peers as soon as possible. This is also an important reason why many parents choose early education institutions. The truth is correct. But children are not aware of these aspects. If they are imposed, they may be counterproductive. The character of a child is mostly determined by his original family. It is a difficult to let a child have a high level of communication skills. The world of children is very pure, playing is playing, they don’t consider other things. Let the child adapt to the crowd is not in a hurry. At this time, the effect of cultivating him in this aspect is negligible, and everyone does not have to pay for it.

Then in language learning, many parents choose to let their children learn bilingually in early education institutions. Although the three-year-old child has strong language learning ability, it is more about the role of the family environment, if the parents say English at all time, the English foundation of the child would be very good. The effect of instilling some systematic courses in the early education institution may not be ideal. Many parents are still immersed in the misunderstandings of early education. They have to admit that there are still many shortcomings in early education in China. But this isn’t mean a complete denial of early education. The correct and appropriate way of early education actually has good impact on children.

Early education should be more focused on the cultivation of concentration. It is not that children are poorly focused but because domestic parents always interrupt their children. For example, when a child is playing with a toy, Mom and Dad will demonstrate the gameplay or ask the baby from time to time, whether to drink water, whether to eat or something. On the one hand, parents will have a sense of participation, on the other hand, they are also scruples about the safety of children. In fact, when the child is curious about the outside world, he may play for a long time with a piece of brick. Children need such time to do what they want to do. As he grows up, this concentration of training will become more and more important. Parents only need to properly observe and obstruct the danger. Lack of security is also a common problem in infants. The child is sensitive inside. Parents jokingly “I don’t want you” have a bad influence on the child’s psychological state. With more patience and care, the child will feel full of security, which is of great significance to the cultivation of his personality such as self-confidence.

The growth of the child is slowly formed, not a one-time process. It is not a bad thing to pay attention to the education before the child is three years old, but it is also necessary to pay attention to creating a good family atmosphere. The family is the best early education institution for the child.

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Live and Learn(II)

To be a student forever, because learning can transform life and improve taste. The fast pace of life in modern society is due to the fact that people’s work is too busy, too tired to learn, and too much temptation. The person who should have been safe is not safe, and the person who should be healthy is not healthy. There are more and more people who don’t like to read books in many people, they think that reading can not only earn money, but it is also a time-consuming and laborious task. Some people even laugh at people who don’t read books to earn money from scholars.

According to the national conditions and system, many Chinese readers not only did not read out the achievement, but also feel sadness and pain. This is a book that seeks spiritual happiness and liberation. In the river of materialistic desires, it is tempted to achieve the goal of satisfying personal material needs by reading. Reading makes people feel restless, and reading makes people less impetuous, but it makes people more impetuous.

In today’s economically and affordable society, there are fewer people who hard work sincerely. Comrades who treat people with sincerity are very few. The humanities are greatly devalued or missing, they take shortcuts and find relationships, there are more people who are good at it. China’s fine traditions and humanities education cannot be killed and lost in this economic construction. Without the existence of humanities education, the world will be desolate and terrible.

If education can’t start from human nature, can’t be based on the pursuit of happiness and freedom, can’t give people the truth and respect, and lacks the most essential humanistic feelings of human beings, then all education is a failure. Despite the great deeds of man and the wealth that the owner possesses, it will be harmful and unconscious, and does not think that greed has any meaning. This selfishness and viciousness, once developed into inertia, harm not only individuals, but also will affect the society and harm future generations.

In educational activities, educators do not have to send information to educatees face to face, in a variety of ways and media, or even through others. This person is not necessarily an educator, because the educator transmits information for the purpose of changing the concept, quality, and ability of others. Anyone who receives the information and is the object of education.

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The Famous Educational Methods in the World

四.Suzuki Method

Suzuki was born in an old house in 1898, his father managed a the most largest piano factory. He studied music when he was 22, after return home, he had the big confidence about how to exploit the violin and improve the child’s ability. Since every child has their own educational method, he devoted to the education for child. He trained up a large mount of children to be talents and write a book called early education and ability cultivate.

Suzuki is a writer in Japan and Einstein’s friend, he firmly believed that music can exploit the intelligence of children. He worked on the early childhood education in the early 1930s and formed the famous ‘‘Suzuki Method’’. It is reported that there are 300,000 children benefited from the Suzuki Method and many of them has became the music professors and well-known conductors. The method has rich content and creatively development for the early education.

Firstly, Suzuki believes that any talent is not born, but the result of acquired training and education. Any child, as long as he is educated, will develop and become a talented person.

Secondly, Suzuki believes that people who have the highest level of competence in a certain field can reach the same level in other fields. Children have reached a high level in music and will show high levels of competence in other fields. Therefore, Suzuki has repeatedly stated that his talent education for children is not to train children into musicians, but to become a person with excellent ability, a beautiful soul, and a person who will embark on a happy life path. He firmly believes that the training of violin can effectively improve the child’s intuition ability or inspiration, and this ability or inspiration can be transferred to other aspects.

Thirdly, Suzuki believes that the talent of a child depends mainly on the education that started at the age of 0. In the past, Suzuki thought that the most appropriate time for children to learn violin is around 4 to 5 years old, but later he continued to lower the age of learning the violin, not only for children to learn piano from 3 years old or even 2 years old. He said that the sooner you start learning, the better ability you will get, and you can do it earlier.

The ability is independent of the genetic law, and it is acquired in the process of constantly adapting to the living environment.

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Teaching your kids about Correct view of Money

Nowadays, the children, at a very young age, are with a strong view of money. There is a small convenience store near my home, because it is not far from a kindergarten and when school is over, then a lot of children lead their parents to entry with dozen things to buy. When so many other children are watching alongside, as parents you also can not be hardhearted enough not to buy for children, then have to pay for those more than ten dollars of Kinder Surprise. So how to teach your kids about correct view of money is very important now.

How to cultivate Kids’ view of money

It is said that children’s deficient of childhood will become a child’s pursuit of whole life. In order to let children not feel the material shortage of childhood and avoid to be devoured by the desire for money after growing up, many parents will try to meet the child’s substance requirements. So many children have developed the habit of wanting to get what they want, crying without buying.


  1. Teaching children to know their desires correctly.

It is an instinctive reaction for children to think about what they want, but many businesses use children’s psychology to stimulate their desire to shop and guide them to pursue their toys and supplies. Kids’ dad and mother have a headache. Instead of this, it had better set rules with the children in advance. What can be bought and why.


  1. Teaching children the correct understanding of money.

Children now worship money, which is directly related to their parents’ influence. After having children, daily life is life needs, which needs money. Parents often discuss and children are affected, then it will feel that money is really omnipotent.


  1. Teaching children the source of money.

The most of the reason for children’s wrong outlook on money is that they only know what money can buy, but they never know that money is hard-won. They can not see their parents’ hard work or have no intuitive feelings.


The child’s money view also reflects the parents’ own view of money. As treating children, not only to give then good material conditions, but also to teach children to live within their means, so that is responsible for the child’s practice!

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