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Famous French Cuisine(I)

Frenchmen have always been famous for being good at eating. French food still ranks first in western cuisine in the world. French cuisine is characterized by a wide selection of ingredients (such as snails, goose liver are delicious French dishes); fine processing; elegant cooking, rich flavor or light taste with variety of cuisine. French cuisine (la cuisine française in French) is one of the most famous cuisines in the world and has been widely recognized. Its delicate taste, the delicacy of sauce and the elegance of tableware can be called an art. French cuisine has always been known around the world. it is not only delicious, but also has many kinds of dishes and unique cooking methods.check here

Main features about la cuisine française

French food is the most important dish in Western food and a pearl of Western culture.check here

Legend has it that Catherine, an Italian woman, married King Henry II of France in the 16th century, brought to France such cooking methods as cattle liver, black fungus, tender steak and cheese prevalent in the Italian Renaissance. Louis XIV also launched a cooking competition, the Corden Bleu Prize, which is now popular.

French cuisine is characterized by the use of fresh seasonal materials, coupled with the unique cooking condition of chef, to complete a unique artistic delicacy, no matter visual, olfactory, taste, touch, sympathetic nerve, are incomparable realm.


What Marketing Decision To Prompt Amazon Development(II)

Amazon has designed future purchasing plans as a natural process, and selling loss-making promotional products at the front end may generate substantial sustainable revenue at the back end. Sell a product with one-time loss and design a simple and effective plan to enable users to purchase continuously in the future, so as to make more profits. Amazon is estimated to have lost more than $500 million on Kindle devices, but has made more than $2 billion in profits on e-books, music, film/television programs, advertising and applications.

It is not an ideal choice for every enterprise or product to sell a loss promotion product at the front end. There are two situations that are very suitable for this strategy,

Scenario 1, Your loss promotion products require future renewals from your customers to work properly (e.g. the shavers need to buy shaver’s blades or the printers need to buy ink).

Scenario 2, Your goal is to attract new customers into your store, and you think they will buy more after experiencing the product (for example, Black Friday sales attract many new buyers, and milk and eggs attract people into the store, prompting them to buy high-profit goods on your platform or store).Click Here For More.

Tip 3 Charitable plans feedback to social and profit

Work with branches that are highly relevant to the audience you want to attract to build a two-way collaboration: they promote you through the pre-made marketing materials you provide; you promote them to customers on your website.

For Amazon, charities promoted their products through pre-made Banner ads and social posts; Amazon promoted the charity program by popping up dialogs on its product pages.

Amazon Smile Foundation, founded by Amazon, aims to allow the customers to do charity while shopping. Such philanthropic activities have other benefits, such as making customers feel more meaningful to buy on Amazon, encouraging more people to buy products from Amazon, and positive attitudes towards Amazon.

New systems VS Drones in UK(II)

About Government Action

Since Wednesday The Gatwick airport has spent £5mon about new equipment and technology to prevent copycat attacks and maintain routine’s order during working time at Gatwick airport. Mr. Ben Wallace did not say what new system and equipment could be used to deal with the threat of UAVs, nor did he specify the speed and scale of their deployment.

On Monday Australian civil aviation authorities stated that UAV detecting sensors will be installed at airports from next month, also saying Gatwick’s confusion highlights the need for the technology.

In Britain,Click Here For More. Labour called for an independent investigation into the destruction, claiming that despite repeated warnings about the dangers of UAVs to aviation, the government “failed to take action”.

Security Minister Wallace said in a statement that he was “confident” that the Sussex Police Department, which led the investigation, would “bring to justice those responsible for serious crimes that caused damage and suffering to thousands of passengers”. he said “Those people who chose to use drones either recklessly or for criminal purposes can expect the most severe sentence and jail time when caught.”

The Ministry of Transport in UK rejected the claim that legislation had been delayed and said it had led to chaos in Gatwick, pointing out that current laws prohibit UAVs from flying over airports.

A New Development About Uber(I)

Recently, there is the latest news about Uber. Expect to know? Right now read about my post about it.

About Uber

Uber, the technologies company, is a peer-to-peer taxi cab, ride-sharing,  bicycle-sharing, food delivery,and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations in 785 metropolitan areas worldwide.Click Here For More.

Latest News About Uber

“I am delighted today’s ruling brings us closer to the ending Uber’s abuse of precarious workers made possible by tactics of contract trickery, Click Here For More. psychological manipulation and old-fashioned bullying.” said, Mr. Farrar, who is chairman of the United Private Hire Drivers branch of the IWGB union.

Uber has lost its appeal against the ruling that its driver should be treated as a worker rather than a self-employed person. In 2016, the court ruled that drivers James Farrar and Yasset Aslam were employees of Uber and were entitled to vacation pay, paid rest and minimum wages. The Court of Appeal has now upheld this ruling. But Uber pointed out that one of the three judges supported the case and said he would appeal to the Supreme Court. He added that to his dismay, the driver’s status as a worker was further delayed while Uber sought a further appeal.

Flavor Food Chongqing Hot And Sour Rice Noodles(II)

Ingredients and Materials

Sweet potato powder 100g,

Spicy peanut rice 30g,

Fuling mustard 20g,

White sesame 10g,

Shallot 1,

Coriander 2,

Pepper appropriate amount, dry pepper 2.

30 grams of edible oil,

1 tsp of sesame oil,

18 tablespoons of high soup,

1 tsp of Baoning vinegar,

1/3 of cayenne pepper,

1/2 of Chinese prickly ash,

1/2 of salt,

1/2 of monosodium glutamate,

1/2 of pepper.


  1. Dried noodles are soaked in water from 50 to 60 degrees and are soft.Click Here For More.
  2. Put sesame, ginger powder, garlic puree, parsley, pepper powder, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, pepper powder, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil and pepper oil in a bowl.
  3. Add broth, scallions and lard to make the base.
  4. When the water is boiling, put the soft-soaked noodles into the pot and blanch for half a minute.
  5. Blanch pea tips or other green vegetables in hot water, add mustard, fried peanuts, soybeans and coriander.
  6. Now you may taste this flavor local food and enjoy it with your family.

Who is North American Indians(II)

According to archaeological excavations, the Indians in the southwest have a history of about 120,000 years, and they were able to cultivate intensively in agriculture as early as the era. Moreover, it can make exquisite colored pottery and build castle-style houses of five or six stories, amid with a high level of cultural development.


In 1500, there were about 1.5 million Indians living in North America (about 40 million Indians in the same period throughout the continent, and most of them were in Central and South America). The composition of these indigenous peoples varies greatly in terms of heredity, language and society. It is estimated that there were at least 400 unrelated and distinctive cultural forms north of the Grand River (Rio Grande del Norte) in the 15th century, with a variety of human body types and language families.Click Here For More.

Present situation

According to the 1980 census, there were 1361,000 American Indians, accounting for only 0.6% of the American population. Click Here For More. Living on more than 200 reserves in 26 states.

Over the past 20 years, more than 200,000 Indians have left the reserve and migrated to major cities to make a living. In today’s United States, Indians are still among the most economically impoverished ethnic minorities, with the lowest number of employees, the lowest level of health, education and income, and the worst living conditions.

Malaysia Tour About LangKawi(II)


There are speedboat services from KUAH in Langkawi, Flo to Kuala Perlis, Kuala Kedah and Penang. The journey from KUALA KEDAH to LANGKAWI takes about 60 minutes (about US$4) and from KUALA PERLIS only 45 minutes (about US$4) and from Penang, 120 minutes (60 Ma, 2012), with two daily flights between Penang and Lankawi, leaving at 8:30 a.m.Click Here For More.


Langkawi has its own airport, Langkawi International Airport. Air Malaysia has direct flights to Kuala Lumpur, Penang and London. Beginning at the end of January 2016, Malaysian Air Asia provides direct flights to Lankawi on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.Click Here For More. Nanhu International Travel has chartered flights from China Southern Airlines to Langkawi International Airport, with a direct flight of about 3.5 hours.

Scenic Spots

Dataran Lang

Dataran Lang is the most representative magic building in Lankawi. Looking from afar, I saw a brown and red giant eagle standing resolutely in the open square, standing on a stone tower several meters high, with huge wings open, unruly arrogant posture, as if the next second would rush to the clouds, spread its wings, flying, shocking. The awesome and arrogant gesture of the giant eagle symbolizes the prosperity and prosperity of Langkawi in the future, so it is highly respected and loved by the local people.Click Here For More.

Pantai Cenang

The most beautiful Pearl beach, known as the Pantai Cenang, is one of the most popular beaches for tourists. The white and soft beach here is as soft and delicate as stepping on a cotton ball. The soft touch is exciting.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower(II)

Building structure

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a multi tube structure with wind power as the main factor controlling the main structure.Click Here For More.

The main trunk is three hollow Optimus pillars with a diameter of 9 meters and a height of 287 meters, which are connected by six-meter-high beams. At the elevation of 93 meters, they are supported by three oblique pillars with a diameter of 7 meters, and the oblique pillars intersect with the ground at an angle of 60 degrees.

The building has 425 foundation piles 12 meters into the ground. Three spheres of steel structure of thousands of tons are suspended at 112 meters, 295 meters and 350 meters above the tower body respectively. The reinforced concrete building has three diagonal braces nearly 100 meters high.Click Here For More.

The body of the TV Tower has strong stability, and its seismic design standard is “7-level immobility, 8-level non-cracking, 9-level non-collapse”. In addition, the building has good wind resistance.

History evolution

Since the second half of 1985, substantive work has been carried out on the application, feasibility demonstration, scheme design and fund raising of the tower construction project, which has received the attention and support of the State Council, Click Here For More. the Shanghai Municipal Committee and the relevant departments of the Shanghai Municipal Government.

On March 4, 1989, at the enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shanghai municipal committee chaired by Jiang Zemin, all present members discussed the decision to select the “Oriental Pearl” plan of East China Architectural Design Institute.

Landscape facilities

Tourist layer

The outer Gallery of the lower sphere with a diameter of 50 meters is 90 meters high. The diameter of the upper layer of the 263 meter sightseeing layer is 45 meters, which is the subjective light level of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.Click Here For More.

Revolving restaurant

The revolving restaurant is located in the sphere above oriental pearl TV tower 267 meters. Its business area is 1500 square meters. It can accommodate 350 tourists at the same time.

WalMart Inc. In Japanese and Chinese Market(II)

When entering the Japanese market, the Japanese market has been fully investigated. Understanding that Japanese citizens pay attention to the quality of goods and shopping environment in the choice of retail goods, specially established fish shops can enable consumers to buy the latest fresh products at the first time, while replicating the more spacious shopping channels in the United States into the WalMart supermarkets in Japan, this is the case. Mainly in order to cater to Japanese consumers for the pursuit of shopping quality.Click Here For More.

Chinese market

WalMart’s strategy of entering the Chinese market is totally different. Click Here For More.WalMart’s strategy is to gradually expand from the southeast coast to the inland. When WalMart first landed in Shenzhen Market, lead to jointly oppose and restrict in the industry meanwhile also cause huge sensation.

WalMart in the Chinese market to take away the high-profile behavior of Americans and adopt a low-key survival strategy, Click Here For More.the appropriate increase in operating prices makes competitors less anxious.

WalMart’s strategy is also based on the specific reality of the Chinese market. China’s economic regulation is co-regulated by the market and the government. When WalMart’s existence makes the interests of domestic retail enterprises suffer great losses, it is easy for retail enterprises to demand market intervention. Therefore, when entering the Chinese market initially, WalMart adopted a low-key development strategy.Click Here For More.

WalMart’s business philosophy is “low price every day”. To adopt the strategy of low price every day in the Chinese market is not only to reduce the cost of product supply, but also to make small profits and sell more.

Good Outdoor Recreation: Rock Climbing(II)

Origin of rock climbing

Of course, the earliest climbers were ancient humans.Click Here For More. It is conceivable that they jumped at a critical moment to avoid predators or enemies, thus achieving the sport of rock climbing.

The earliest record of human climbing was that in 1492, King Charles III of France ordered Domp Julian de Beaupre, Captain of Montelimar, to climb a limestone tower named Inaccessible at a height of 304 meters.

At that time, they took only simple hooks and ladders and succeeded to climb the mountain top with experience and skill. The mountain was later named Mt. Aiguille, and that climb became the first recorded and equipped climbing event in history. Click Here For More. However, for hundreds of years afterwards, there has been no new record of human climbing in history.

Until the mid-seventeenth century, people’s climbing activities began to be re-recorded. The glacier terrain and snowy mountains are the challenges that these early climbers took initiative to meet, and their footprints are all over the Alps. By 1850, the climbers had developed simple climbing tools to help them navigate rock walls and some glacial terrain. For example, shoes with claws and improved axes and wooden axes are the predecessors of ice claws and ice axes. Click Here For More. In the Alps, others try to climb mountains with their own bodies instead of relying too much on tools. Georg Winkler made his first successful climb to the west of Vajolet Tower in 1878 without using any tools. Although Georg Winkler used hooks and his shoes were improved, he still pioneered for free climbing.

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