Recently, there is the latest news about Uber. Expect to know? Right now read about my post about it.

About Uber

Uber, the technologies company, is a peer-to-peer taxi cab, ride-sharing,  bicycle-sharing, food delivery,and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations in 785 metropolitan areas worldwide.Click Here For More.

Latest News About Uber

“I am delighted today’s ruling brings us closer to the ending Uber’s abuse of precarious workers made possible by tactics of contract trickery, Click Here For More. psychological manipulation and old-fashioned bullying.” said, Mr. Farrar, who is chairman of the United Private Hire Drivers branch of the IWGB union.

Uber has lost its appeal against the ruling that its driver should be treated as a worker rather than a self-employed person. In 2016, the court ruled that drivers James Farrar and Yasset Aslam were employees of Uber and were entitled to vacation pay, paid rest and minimum wages. The Court of Appeal has now upheld this ruling. But Uber pointed out that one of the three judges supported the case and said he would appeal to the Supreme Court. He added that to his dismay, the driver’s status as a worker was further delayed while Uber sought a further appeal.