A Real Story About Immigrant Of Mother And Daughter

This story is happened in China. The story of a mother and her daughter who successfully emigrated to the United States. The mother left Shanghai five years ago. She worked hard in Shanghai. She had her own home and fluctuating tasks. But the results came. As her daughter grew up day by day, education was always the mother’s most concern. Starting from the perspective of parents’ selfless love for their children, they always want to give their children the best.Click Here For More.

So a lot of research has been done on the private schools in Shanghai, all of which need to face the restrictions of social security, task units and real estate (the mother has paid more than 100,000 social security in Shanghai for four years, so she can not go to other cities), so the mother finally chose to go abroad.

As for the newly established family, when the daughter grows up, she needs a lot of money to go abroad to high school, which the family can not afford. The mother understands that Eb3 non-skilled immigrants have no many restrictions and the policy is comparatively relaxed. In order to let her daughter grow up to have a better identity and better education, so the mother chose to immigrate to the United States. For this reason, the mother and her family traveled to the United States and made a special survey of the United States.