The methods of marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications: Refers to the integrated a company’s various modes of communication, including general advertising, direct communication with customers, promotion, public relations, etc., seamlessly interspersed with dispersed information to enable the overall communicating effect of enterprises and their products and services reached clear, continuous, consistent and improved.

Database marketing: Collect consumer information about consumer behavior and vendor sales information on a network or entity in a specific way, and accumulate this information in a database in a fixed format, and use this database for statistical analysis at an appropriate marketing opportunity.

Internet marketing: Network marketing is an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of the enterprise. It is an activity to create an online business environment based on the Internet as a basic means to achieve the overall business objectives of the enterprise. The functions of network marketing include website promotion, online brand, information release, online research, customer relationship, customer service, sales channel, and sales promotion.

Direct marketing: Its biggest feature is ‘‘direct sales with consumers or sales activities without distributors’’, which is take advantage of one or more media, theoretically we can reach any area of the target – including the segmentation of regional and positioning, and is a marketing model that can measures the response or the outcome of the transaction.

Relationship marketing: In many cases, companies can’t seek instant deals, so they build customer relationships with long-term suppliers. The company wants to show its customers excellent service capabilities, and customers are large and global. They prefer suppliers that can offer complementary products or services in different regions, and can quickly solve problems everywhere. When a CRM program is implemented, the organization must focus on both customer and product management. At the same time, companies must understand that while relationship marketing is important, it is not effective under any circumstances. Therefore, companies must evaluate which department is to most beneficial to particular customer for relationship marketing.

Society marketing:Social marketing is based on the “economic people” and “social people”, using similar commercial marketing to achieve social public welfare purposes.

As with general marketing, the purpose of social marketing is to consciously change the behavior of the target group. However, unlike the general commercial marketing model, the behavioral change motivation pursued in social marketing is more from non-commercial dynamics, or non-commercial behavior is simulated as a commercial selling point.

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