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What was the cause of the collision between military aircraft of USA stationed in Japan? Was there any casualties? The newest banner you may read from different search engines related the collision of American military aircraft stationed in Japan, well, let us read below about concrete information.Click Here For More.

Japan’s Defense Ministry said Tuesday that at about 1:40 a.m. local time, an American military accident in Japan broke out. An F/A18 fighter plane and a C130 air refueling aircraft collided in the air, and then the two military planes fell into the sea. At present, the Japanese Self-Defense Force has launched and carried out rescue missions.

According to Japan’s “NHK” on June 6, these two US military aircraft were stationed at the US military base in Iwakuni, Japan. A FA18 fighter plane and a C130 transport aircraft collided with each other during aerial refueling training over muroto-zaki south, Kochi-ken , and then landed at sea.

At present, JAL and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force have launched rescue operations. One person has been rescued, but the details are still unclear. Japan has also closely contacted the U.S. military to confirm the number of people awaiting rescue.