Until now how many types of dwellings you have known? Perhaps, less people will concern about this issue. Actually, according to my collection of categories of house, there are more than 30 types such as Apartment, Castle, Bungalow, Villa, Skyscraper, Hotel, Motel, and so on. I may list related types of house below,check here


A bungalow is a low-rise single-storey house. It is usually very small in size. check here A bungalow usually has a balcony (porch) in front or behind, which is a covered area to sit on.


An apartment is an American or English term for a home where you live. Certainly, in England somehow they also call the apartment as flat in a separate home within a large building where others also have their own home. Apartment buildings are usually owned by a company or developer, and each apartment is rented by people living there.

Detached houses

A single-family house, often referred to as a stand-alone house, check here is an independent medium-sized house. No other building is connected to a family’s house. Single-family housing is most common in areas outside the city known as “suburbs”.

Duplex house is a kind of house which constructs two houses under one roof. It is similar to a semi-independent house (semi-detached), because one end of the two-sided printer is connected to another house, not both sides. Some double-sided printers are a house, but they are divided into two houses.

Semi means half or partly and detached means that it is not touching anything else. Semi-detached is also called Semi-independent housing refers to one side of the house in contact with another building, not the other side.