Everyone knows that eating coarse grains is good for your health, but do you know there is a big advantage to coarse grains, that is, coarse grains can lose weight. If you want to lose weight, you should eat at least two kinds of porridge made from various coarse grains or pulp it, reduce the intake of other starchy dishes such as earth and lotus root, and pay attention to the overall heat control. You will feel more lithe, my bowel movements are smoother, and my spirits are better. However, if you want to achieve the cosmetic result, you should combine with exercise instead of relying solely on diet.

How to eat coarse grains to lose weight?

Coarse grains are rich in nutrients. As a way to ”eat and supplement”, they must eat for a long time to achieve balanced nutrition and be more healthy. It is not useful for occasional eating one or two times a month. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that the staple food should be ”combined in thickness” and eat at least one-third of the staple food per day as coarse grains. For southerners who like white rice, white rice and miscellaneous grains should be mixed in a ratio of 2:1. Those who like pasta can mix bread and steamed buns. It should be noted that the ”whole wheat bread sold in the store, the content of miscellaneous grains is often low, sometimes only embellished, not as good as the home-made nutrition value.

There are 3 ways to eat coarse grains correctly

  1. Eat coarse grains and drink plenty of water together

The cellulose in the coarse grains needs to be backed up with sufficient moisture to ensure the normal operation of the intestines. Generally, if you eat 1 times more cellulose, you should drink 1 times more water.

  1. Gradual eating coarse grains

Sudden increase or decrease in the intake of coarse grains can cause intestinal reactions. For people who are usually carnivorous, in order to help the intestinal adaptation, increase the food intake of coarse grains, it should be gradual, not too hasty.

  1. With leeks to eat coarse grains

When we cook every day, in addition to taking into account the taste hobbies, we should also consider the combination of vegetarian diet and balanced diet. The daily intake of coarse grains is preferably 30-60 grams, but it should be adjusted according to individual circumstances.

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