To be a student forever, because learning can transform life and improve taste. The fast pace of life in modern society is due to the fact that people’s work is too busy, too tired to learn, and too much temptation. The person who should have been safe is not safe, and the person who should be healthy is not healthy. There are more and more people who don’t like to read books in many people, they think that reading can not only earn money, but it is also a time-consuming and laborious task. Some people even laugh at people who don’t read books to earn money from scholars.

According to the national conditions and system, many Chinese readers not only did not read out the achievement, but also feel sadness and pain. This is a book that seeks spiritual happiness and liberation. In the river of materialistic desires, it is tempted to achieve the goal of satisfying personal material needs by reading. Reading makes people feel restless, and reading makes people less impetuous, but it makes people more impetuous.

In today‚Äôs economically and affordable society, there are fewer people who hard work sincerely. Comrades who treat people with sincerity are very few. The humanities are greatly devalued or missing, they take shortcuts and find relationships, there are more people who are good at it. China’s fine traditions and humanities education cannot be killed and lost in this economic construction. Without the existence of humanities education, the world will be desolate and terrible.

If education can’t start from human nature, can’t be based on the pursuit of happiness and freedom, can’t give people the truth and respect, and lacks the most essential humanistic feelings of human beings, then all education is a failure. Despite the great deeds of man and the wealth that the owner possesses, it will be harmful and unconscious, and does not think that greed has any meaning. This selfishness and viciousness, once developed into inertia, harm not only individuals, but also will affect the society and harm future generations.

In educational activities, educators do not have to send information to educatees face to face, in a variety of ways and media, or even through others. This person is not necessarily an educator, because the educator transmits information for the purpose of changing the concept, quality, and ability of others. Anyone who receives the information and is the object of education.

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