The rapid development of the economy has led to the intensification of competition in various industries.

Machinery, which occupies an important position in the special period, needs to use scientific methods to manage the whole process of machinery manufacturing. At the same time, strengthen the quality assurance of products and minimize the cost in order to meet the needs of machinery production.

Through continuous analysis shows that there are still some problems in the mechanical design and processing, as long as we find optimization strategies to improve them, we can help mechanical processing enterprises to enhance their competitiveness.

  Types of mechanical design

Generally speaking, the type of mechanical design mainly contains the following aspects.

First, inheritance design, that is, without changing the premise of the mechanical equipment model, by having a certain sense of borrowing design, by changing the old design methods, innovative design, so as to achieve the requirements of the design.

Second, transformation design, if the original manufacturing conditions to be updated, it is necessary to adjust the location of mechanical parts, do a good job of the corresponding transformation, so as to enhance the main function of mechanical design, and with the changes in production conditions will also appear corresponding changes;.

Third, the new design, change the ancient mechanical design, through the use of new means and new methods to regulate mechanical design, thereby enhancing the strength of mechanical design enterprises.

  Mechanical design and processing should pay attention to the problem

All along, mechanical design processing, will take into account whether the quality of products to meet the requirements, the accuracy of the product to meet the requirements, while in the market can occupy what kind of competitiveness. And this happens to be the root cause of the problems of mechanical design and processing, so the need to carefully analyze these three aspects of the problem.

  (A) product surface quality problems

Because the performance and use of mechanical products will be directly affected by the mechanical design and processing of the surface quality, but also directly affect the service life of mechanical products, for mechanical processing design in the surface quality of the problems caused by, mainly contains: mechanical design and processing of the surface material quality factors, because some of the materials appear fracture, deformation and other problems, it will have an impact on the design and processing of mechanical product quality.

Second, processing technology problems. In the processing of mechanical products, failure to master the cutting tool cutting techniques, resulting in mechanical processing errors generated, or the existence of excessive cutting stress, which directly affects the quality of the product.

  (B) product accuracy problems

In the process of evaluating the quality of mechanical design and processing, attention should be paid to the factor of mechanical design and processing accuracy. Because the accuracy of mechanical products may be affected by a variety of factors, such as the existence of loopholes in the machine tool principle, deviations in the machining motion, errors in the processing tool, improper processing methods and other reasons, or the defects of the processing process itself triggers the problem of poor precision. This part of the factors may reduce the accuracy of the product itself, and ultimately affect the overall quality of the product, can not meet the processing needs.

  (C) the problem of product market competitiveness

The relatively rapid development of China’s mechanical design and processing, making the market competition is increasingly intensified. Mechanical design and processing product competitiveness has a direct impact on the effectiveness and development of enterprises. Therefore, want to survive and develop in the fierce competitive environment, mechanical processing design should focus on the level and quality of design and processing, and reduce costs. Product quality will be affected by multiple factors, such as the level of technology, human factors, material factors, etc.. While improving product quality, it is also necessary to effectively address the factors that affect it to avoid quality problems. In addition, in terms of cost, it is necessary to optimize the processing process and processing technology to ensure that the product itself has the advantages of cost performance, so as to help the product improve its overall competitiveness.

  Mechanical design and processing optimization strategy

In the mechanical parts processing design, need from mechanical design processing technology, cutting control, raw materials and lubricants four aspects of reasonable control optimization, in order to meet the mechanical parts processing optimization design requirements, so as to ensure that mechanical parts can meet the actual requirements.

  (A) optimization of mechanical design and processing technology

The market competition environment is increasingly fierce, want to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of mechanical enterprises and processing level, should do a good job of processing technology and design optimization, standardization, standardization, batch design and processing, design and processing quality is guaranteed under the premise of controlling production costs as far as possible.

Among them, standardization refers to the specific requirements of mechanical design drawings and design methods can be combined with the size requirements of mechanical components and structural performance, so as to choose the best processing technology.

In addition, do a good job of quality control of raw materials of components, improve the production process, in order to help grasp the quality. Through standardized processing production and reasonable control of the processing process, it is possible to centralize and batch production of mechanical parts. At the same time, reduce the consumption of materials to help mechanical enterprises to enhance their economic benefits.

  (B) processing cutting control

Mechanical design and processing need to be combined with the mechanical raw material surface roughness, quality and hardness, etc., and then select the appropriate cutting tools, set cutting parameters, comprehensive consideration of various factors that may have an impact on the processing cutting, and then control the cutting depth and cutting speed, to avoid the appearance of chip tumor in the processing process, to avoid any impact on the surface quality of mechanical parts.

In addition, in the processing production, mechanical parts will also be affected by high temperature, which will have an impact on the characteristics of the metal surface of mechanical parts. Therefore, it is also necessary to cooperate with the correct use of cutting fluid. For example, the curved surface in Figure 1 loves the common tool route, such a way to ensure the surface roughness and machining accuracy, but also to shorten the tool route, control the amount of program programming, and thus achieve the control of the left and right smile machining cutting.

  (C) choose the right raw materials

Mechanical design and processing quality is greatly influenced by the factors of raw materials, so in the process of selecting raw materials, the need to combine the processing performance of mechanical parts and processing process requirements, according to the actual design standards of the parts, to choose high wear resistance, suitable strength, good stability of raw materials.

First, pay attention to the quality of mechanical raw materials and physical properties.

Second, take into account the price of raw materials and the actual processing conditions, and then choose cost-effective raw materials to reduce processing costs, thereby improving the quality of mechanical processing.

  (D) choose the right lubricant

Mechanical parts processing, need to choose lubricating coolant to cool mechanical processing workpiece, in cutting, grinding and stamping and other mechanical processing, need to reasonably select the coolant, so as to help control the processing accuracy, to ensure the smoothness of the surface of mechanical parts, but also to extend the service life.

In addition, during the mechanical design and processing, cooling lubrication can also remove surface debris, help the surface heat dissipation, ease the wear between the workpiece and the machine tool, but also play a cooling, anti-corrosion and lubrication effect. According to the actual machining process requirements, water-soluble or pure oil lubricant should be selected. For example, water-soluble lubricants are best for high-speed cutting, while pure oil-based lubricants can be chosen if high-speed steel tools are used for low-speed cutting operations. Generally speaking, pure oil-based lubrication and cooling is the more choice.


Want to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of mechanical processing enterprises, we must enhance the strength of machinery manufacturing, by improving the understanding of the actual requirements of mechanical design and manufacturing, while carefully analyzing the various influencing factors, we will be able to find the appropriate method. In addition, combined with the future development requirements of mechanical enterprises, improve the way of design and manufacturing, so as to introduce efficient tools and equipment, control the mechanical design and manufacturing process, and continuously improve the overall level of mechanical design.