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Since Wednesday The Gatwick airport has spent £5mon about new equipment and technology to prevent copycat attacks and maintain routine’s order during working time at Gatwick airport. Mr. Ben Wallace did not say what new system and equipment could be used to deal with the threat of UAVs, nor did he specify the speed and scale of their deployment.

On Monday Australian civil aviation authorities stated that UAV detecting sensors will be installed at airports from next month, also saying Gatwick’s confusion highlights the need for the technology.

In Britain,Click Here For More. Labour called for an independent investigation into the destruction, claiming that despite repeated warnings about the dangers of UAVs to aviation, the government “failed to take action”.

Security Minister Wallace said in a statement that he was “confident” that the Sussex Police Department, which led the investigation, would “bring to justice those responsible for serious crimes that caused damage and suffering to thousands of passengers”. he said “Those people who chose to use drones either recklessly or for criminal purposes can expect the most severe sentence and jail time when caught.”

The Ministry of Transport in UK rejected the claim that legislation had been delayed and said it had led to chaos in Gatwick, pointing out that current laws prohibit UAVs from flying over airports.