A non-woven laminator with PUR glue, model SLF1300A. In the previous little while, Tongze has provided a few units (sets) of this sort of dissolvable free laminator to the nonwovens business, which completely shows the acknowledgment of this kind of machine by clients in the nonwovens fragment.

This machine is a redesign for a producer of defensive dress and related items. Already, the client was utilizing a machine with a straightforward construction, low creation speed (for the most part something like 100 M/Min) and low control exactness and simplicity of activity.

In light of the casing and material way of the normally involved dissolvable free laminators for adaptable bundling, Tongze has made striking and inventive plans for the paste application, overlaying, strain control and winding constructions. For instance, the paste furrow and wiper component of the paste application unit are planned in a coordinated way, with a cunning and dependable design and basic and adaptable activity; the winding construction takes on a focal winding and level push roller structure, guaranteeing that the winding strain is light, predictable and solid, and the press point is consistently in the best position, and actually forestalls the roll layer from draining and adhering to the roller, which is especially reasonable for twisting of non-woven textures and different substrates.

The SLF1300A PUR non-woven laminator enjoys the benefits of high overlaying speed (200M/Min), simple activity of the paste application unit, simple cleaning, exact control of the non-woven loosening up, great covering impact, stable winding interaction and flawlessly moved edges.

Tongze has applied for two creation licenses and three utility model licenses for the design and strategy for the machine.

As of late, Tongze has been focused on extending the application field of dissolvable free overlay from the customary adaptable bundling industry to new businesses, and has fostered a progression of new innovation or new application models, for example, dissolvable free covering machine for sheet materials, covering machine for building materials and furniture sheets, covering machine for attractive materials, overlaying machine for miniature covering of water pine paper, covering machine for elective materials for electrical lodgings, covering machine for non-woven textures, covering machine for move paper, overlaying machine for EB, and so forth, with the goal that The use of dissolvable free overlaying process in related enterprises has been imaginatively understood, framing its own remarkable item series, and all the more critically, empowering these ventures to partake in the upsides of dissolvable free covering as a green interaction, for example, no contamination, high proficiency, energy saving, low far reaching cost and security.

At the last phase of the non-woven handling, the rolls are cut into sheets of various lengths and bundled for transport to the client, who then, at that point, processes them as per their necessities. china non woven machine Clients thusly require the produced material to be cut off and entire straightforwardly at consistent length to meet market necessities. In this unique situation, the hardware maker dispatches the non-woven fixed-length cutting machine to meet client necessities available.

II. Item presentation.

Weichuang SD600 series all-computerized AC servo drive is our organization’s self-grew, elite execution servo drive with completely free protected innovation privileges. The item takes on the all-advanced engine control calculation and understands the shut circle servo control of current circle, position circle and speed circle totally in programming mode, with great self-versatile ability and can match an assortment of details of servo engines. An assortment of control modes are arranged inside, with high powerful reaction and functional strength. With strong capacities, amazing execution and sensible construction, it can completely meet the necessities of clients for high accuracy and fast handling, and is broadly utilized in CNC machine apparatuses, bundling hardware, printing hardware and different fields.

Item includes.

Superior execution equipment stage: 32bit elite execution DSP.

Speed range: 1 to 5000rpm consistent speed activity range.

Greatest heartbeat input: Differential information mode: 500Kpps, Collector input mode: 200Kpps.

I/O interface: 10 advanced information sources and 6 computerized yields, 3 simple information sources and 2 simple results

Over-burden limit: Torque up to multiple times the evaluated load.

Seven control modes: speed mode, position mode, force mode, speed/position exchanging mode, speed/force exchanging mode, position/force exchanging mode, running mode.

Correspondence work: Built-in RS232 and RS485 correspondence interface, which can be utilized to control inside I/O, switch control modes, and so forth

Inherent basic movement regulator: Built-in 16 arrangements of movement position control orders and 16 arrangements of speed control orders and home position search work, client can set the movement bend and multi-step speed control without help from anyone else, the control of the upper PC can be overlooked.