The rapid development of social economy, and manufacturing industry should find new methods and ways if they want to survive and develop in such a cruel competition. Mechanical design automation is a new type of industrial design that came into being with the rapid development of social economy, and has been developed rapidly in China.

First of all, the automation of mechanical design is based on economic science, which is constantly improved and perfected on the basis of science and technology, combined with certain production and life experience.

In addition, the level of automation of machinery and equipment is the key to the economic efficiency of enterprises, employees must have a deep grasp of the working mechanism of the equipment, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, reduce equipment problems, or to be able to deal with and remedy in a timely manner when the equipment fails.

  2 China’s manufacturing enterprises to carry out the automation development necessity

  Although China’s manufacturing industry has made some progress in mechanical design, but it is at the cost of a large amount of resources and energy, which has brought great damage to the environment and life, and the manufacturing industry is still facing great difficulties on the road of seeking development.

Therefore, the future development of China’s manufacturing industry must be improved mechanical design work, to maximize the mechanical manufacturing more environmentally friendly and safe. Modern manufacturing companies must seek a modern, new design approach if they want to achieve an important position in the market. Modern mechanical design solutions should be a combination of advanced design concepts and science and technology, constantly innovating methods to ensure efficiency while improving the quality of products and equipment. With the development of technology, consumers’ requirements for the products they need have increased, and manufacturing companies must update their product specifications and produce new products in a timely manner to meet the needs of society in line with public perception and technological development.

In recent years, information automation has been widely developed and applied in the industrial market, not only as a key technology in our industrial manufacturing, but also as a somewhat strong impetus to the development of our manufacturing industry. Most of the entrepreneurs in the manufacturing field believe in the important role of information automation in machinery manufacturing.

  2.1 Automation to accelerate the transformation of manufacturing enterprises

  The use of automation and information technology by manufacturing companies in the production of machinery and equipment can accelerate the transformation of most small-scale production manufacturing industries. Some of the world’s more prominent industrial manufacturing companies are undergoing industrial transformation, applying automation technology to machinery design, product production, business management, and other production practices, thereby improving the market competitiveness of their own companies. Some manufacturing companies are good at grasping the direction of science and technology, and are pioneers in introducing advanced science and technology into the manufacturing industry.

For example, the application of automation technology to mechanical design, the use of communications and information technology electronic database, the Internet and wireless communication technology applied to the automatic control system, which in turn makes the CNC technology more flat. At present, China’s domestic manufacturing industry presents two modes of development, one is the use and development of digital control technology in the manufacturing industry; the other is the integration of control, referred to as MCI.

Many small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises have accelerated the change of their own enterprise management mode, the purpose of which is to achieve stable development space in the fiercely competitive market economy.

  2.2 Information automation to promote the development of information technology in manufacturing enterprises

  Although the level of China’s machinery manufacturing has made great progress compared to decades ago, in terms of enterprise scale and production technology has improved significantly, but compared to other manufacturing enterprises in the world, there is still a certain gap in the scope of application and popularity, etc..

Therefore, the use of information automation technology can promote the rapid development of manufacturing enterprises toward information technology and automation, the use of advanced science and technology and mechanical design core technology, etc., and ultimately realize the improvement of their own creative ability.

According to the research of industry scholars in related fields, the combination of informationization and automation is the necessary path of current industrial development, especially the development of manufacturing industry, which is its ultimate development trend, and the application of information automation in manufacturing industry can realize the maximization of enterprise profits.

  2.3 Improve the production efficiency of manufacturing enterprises

  The application of automation to mechanical design and manufacturing can effectively improve the production efficiency and development speed of enterprises, reduce the investment in human and material resources, and at the same time can optimize the production channels of products in order to achieve a reduction in the work intensity of staff.

Automation of mechanical design has a certain role in promoting the opening of a new production field for China’s manufacturing enterprises, helping to improve the quality of products and increase the revenue of manufacturing enterprises. Absorbing advanced science and technology is the key means to improve production efficiency and production safety, therefore, it is necessary to continuously optimize and improve the development level of automation of mechanical design to lead our industry to a better direction.

  Many small and medium-sized enterprises in China have not been able to develop rapidly for a long period of time, and this situation has seriously restricted and hindered the advancement of China’s industrial-oriented society. The development of information and science and technology, as well as the application of information automation technology in small and medium-sized enterprises, has provided some impetus to the development of the manufacturing industry and industrialized production.

In recent years, information automation has become a key factor in the mutual competition between enterprises, and also the main technology to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, which is mainly manifested in: combining modern advanced information technology with effective management means and mechanical design technology to realize the development of small and medium-sized enterprises toward automation, digitalization and intelligence, improving various mechanical equipment and resource allocation, making various production activities to achieve Optimization, in order to enhance enterprise production efficiency and production safety, so that enterprise efficiency can be maximized.

  3 China’s mechanical automation development status quo and the existing problems

  3.1 Analysis of the current situation of mechanical automation development

  China’s overall research on mechanical design is relatively late, but since the 20th century, many research scholars and enterprise manufacturers in China have made great efforts to improve the overall level of China’s mechanical design, and constantly improve and optimize the design scheme. Compared with the developed manufacturing countries in the world, China’s manufacturing industry still has much to learn, therefore, we should seriously analyze and study the current development status of domestic mechanical design automation, improve the mechanical design scheme, accelerate the production efficiency, etc.

Mechanical design automation refers to the extensive application of automation technology in machinery manufacturing, efficient management of the production process of products, constantly speed up the production efficiency and improve the safety of the production process.

  3.2 Mechanical design automation application principles

  3.2.1 Emphasis on advanced science and technology

  The development of mechanical automation cannot be separated from the development of advanced science and technology, therefore, in the use of mechanical design automation, emphasis should be placed on the advantages of advanced technology. For example, the use of information and signal processing technology to transform and identify the language or signal that human beings cannot identify, so that people can understand and use; focus on the processing and application of various advanced mechanical equipment to achieve simplification and efficient processing of complex processes, saving equipment costs and improving production efficiency.   

3.2.2 Realize the demand for equipment functions

  Any kind of machinery and equipment in the manufacturing industry is purchased and used to achieve the product demand, therefore, different machinery and equipment have different functions and uses. The use of mechanical design automation also has to meet the functional requirements of the equipment. In general, products must be produced in strict accordance with the product requirements in the production process to minimize mass production and to reduce the gap between products as much as possible. In addition, in the process of producing the products, the experience should be constantly summarized, and the problems that arise should be summarized for the subsequent improvement and perfection.

  3.2.3 Problems of automatic development of mechanical design

  (1) The level of automation development of manufacturing enterprises is low.

At present, most of the domestic machinery manufacturing enterprises in mechanical production, the use of some relatively backward machinery for product production, few enterprises in the production process equipped with advanced mechanical automation equipment.

In other words, the current level of automation in China’s manufacturing enterprises in general is low. The reasons for such a situation are mainly the following: First, some enterprises have a relatively backward management point of view and are not conscious of the importance of the construction of mechanical automation to the development of the enterprise itself; Second, because some enterprises have limited capital costs, there is not enough money to support the construction of automation; Third, because the overall level of domestic mechanical automation is low, the variety of automation equipment is relatively small, and in equipment precision and quality can not meet the requirements of product production.

  (2) The level of development of manufacturing enterprises is different.

With the development of economy and science and technology, China’s manufacturing industry has made some progress, while also promoting the development of a part of the mechanical manufacturing industry, but on the whole, the development scale between China’s manufacturing enterprises is not consistent, the gap between enterprises is large, and this situation is a major factor affecting the development of mechanical design automation.

In addition, in China’s machinery automation enterprises with leading advantages in few enterprises, the lack of leading enterprises to lead, resulting in the slow development of the machinery manufacturing industry as a whole, and some of the initial enterprises still follow the traditional backward production technology, not fully apply modern automation technology to its production practices, seriously slowed down the progress of the construction of mechanical design automation.

  4 New ways to improve the level of automation of mechanical design

  4.1 Strengthen the investment and use of new technologies

  China’s manufacturing industry mechanical design technology compared to the world’s more technologically developed countries still have a big gap, especially in mechanical start technology, and mechanical engine is the key components of mechanical start technology, in the mechanical design has an irreplaceable role.

Therefore, China’s manufacturing enterprises should introduce advanced manufacturing technology?g, improve the innovation ability of the country’s machinery manufacturing industry, and maximize the high quality, low loss, clean and efficient production. In the research and innovation of mechanical design automation, while absorbing and learning from foreign advanced manufacturing technologies, we should also pay attention to the emergence of imitation situations and the differences between the advanced technologies of China and the West to bring obstacles to the development of our own enterprises.

At present, China’s mechanical automation design should be converted from a technology-centered concept to a human-centered concept, and improve the responsiveness of mechanical technology to the fierce market in order to develop mechanical design technology with Chinese characteristics.

  4.2 Effective combination of safety and environmental protection of mechanical design automation

  Manufacturing enterprises in the development of mechanical design automation, should be mechanical design safety and environmental protection effectively combined to develop a safe and environmentally friendly design program.

First, the machinery manufacturing industry should fully study the current scientific research achievements at home and abroad, and combine the equipment required by the enterprise and the configuration of the product production requirements, drawing on the basic knowledge of the relevant subject areas, to conduct experiments to provide a theoretical basis for improving the level of automation of mechanical design.

Secondly, to realize the production and manufacture of environmentally friendly products by using new processes and technologies.

Third, after the production of mechanical automation products is completed or used, certain recycling and processing is given.

  4.3 Combine production needs, improve the level of mechanical design automation applications

  The modern machinery manufacturing industry should improve the traditional product production method and build a variable automatic production system to quickly respond to the market demand. Variable automatic production system refers to the automatic detection of production equipment in the conduct of mechanical production, the discovery of equipment problems, the use of computer technology makes automation flexible. However, at this stage of development, few enterprises really apply this system to production practice, therefore, we should combine the actual production situation to improve the application of mechanical design automation.