Today, there were 40 years after the reform and opening up, China has undergone tremendous changes,SinoeastPortuguês and the people have generally lived a good life. However, we must also have a sense of urgency. The future development path may not be smooth sailing. Sunshine and rainbow always appear after the storm, we must try to avoid detours.

As far as real estate is concerned, we must establish the correct concept and not develop real estate as a pillar industry that drives economic development, because it may take a detour. The correct treatment of the real estate industry can be regarded as a basic industry. Its essence is the civilian production industry. Like the public service industries such as urban water supply, power supply and gas supply, the price control is implemented. The government sets the guidance price and cannot pursue profiteering. Once the real estate is seeking to maximize profits, it is inevitable that there will be no bubbles. In the past, our approach was to adopt a mode of public utility land allocation. SinoeastLe français Commercial land such as commercial housing was auctioned, and the price was high. The result was a lot of problems. The land price was getting higher and higher, and some measures were taken later, the situation is a little better, and the commercial housing with guaranteed nature, such as price-limited housing, has been introduced, but for ordinary families, the price is still somewhat high.

It is true that how to deal with the real estate industry needs to be further explored, and the views are divided. For example, some people believe that the government should only manage affordable housing, and ordinary commercial housing should not interfere too much. Some people think that commercial housing can be divided into two, and the high-end commodity housing market with prices above the median is completely liberalized. The price of ordinary commercial housing below the median can be properly controlled. In terms of housing security, some people think that families who cannot afford housing should go to rent a house. It is impossible for everyone to buy a house. Some views seem to make sense, but they are actually problematic. In essence, the real estate industry and the financial industry belong to the service industry. A country must be truly strong. It cannot rely solely on the service industry, the key is to rely on manufacturing. As long as the manufacturing industry is globally advanced and technologically advanced, this country will win in international competition. Therefore, China must give priority to the development of advanced manufacturing industries,SinoeastItaliano  build high-level manufacturing and strong countries, and regard advanced manufacturing rather than real estate industry as China’s pillar industry.

In short, China has a population of more than 1.3 billion and has huge demand potential. However, from the perspective of high-income people, existing products and services can no longer meet their needs; from the perspective of low-income people, they are mainly limited by purchasing power. Therefore, it is mainly to grasp the structural reform of the supply side and fill the shortcomings of the people’s livelihood. For the real estate industry, these two aspects of work are also very important.SinoeastNederlands