1 Food Materials prepared: Beef tenderloin, relative vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and so on, Olive oil, Black pepper. Certainly, do not forget to prepare seasons such as tomato sauces, Oyster sauces, Light soy sauce, and salts, Chicken bouillon granules, water.Click Here For More.

2 Beef have to clean well, then beat it till soft and loose.

3 Smear proper black pepper on each side of beef steak then wrapping it by preservative film and putting into freezer is for at least 2 hours.

4 Spaghetti, prepare the saucepan on the stove, then put the water into the pan and heat till boiled. The spaghetti put into the boiled water.

5 Boil the spaghetti till the pasta is cooked and feel not too hard.Click Here For More.

6 spaghetti cooked put into bowl with proper walnut oil and stir evenly. Meanwhile do not wash the noodle by cold and cool water.

7 Various of vegetables, clean the broccoli and carrots then slice the carrot and break the broccoli as small cubed.

8 Put the vegetables into the boiled water for a moment, then take out the vegetables immediately and drain till dry.

9 Take out Beef preserved from freezer, then heat the butter on the pan. There is the suggestion as steak should be not too big size and must saute the steak till 100 percent cooked without any raw parts.

10 This is method for paste and sauces. Using the pan which sauteed the steak cooks paste. We have to pour the tomato sauces, oyster sauce, light soy sauce, less black pepper, water into the pan till sticky of paste. If children like to eat onion, then deep fried the onion slices and put it into pan to boil together with other ingredients.

11 Well, self-make steak is done till this method. Merely you have to sprinkled the paste on the steak and spaghetti.