Nowadays, the children, at a very young age, are with a strong view of money. There is a small convenience store near my home, because it is not far from a kindergarten and when school is over, then a lot of children lead their parents to entry with dozen things to buy. When so many other children are watching alongside, as parents you also can not be hardhearted enough not to buy for children, then have to pay for those more than ten dollars of Kinder Surprise. So how to teach your kids about correct view of money is very important now.

How to cultivate Kids’ view of money

It is said that children’s deficient of childhood will become a child’s pursuit of whole life. In order to let children not feel the material shortage of childhood and avoid to be devoured by the desire for money after growing up, many parents will try to meet the child’s substance requirements. So many children have developed the habit of wanting to get what they want, crying without buying.


  1. Teaching children to know their desires correctly.

It is an instinctive reaction for children to think about what they want, but many businesses use children’s psychology to stimulate their desire to shop and guide them to pursue their toys and supplies. Kids’ dad and mother have a headache. Instead of this, it had better set rules with the children in advance. What can be bought and why.


  1. Teaching children the correct understanding of money.

Children now worship money, which is directly related to their parents’ influence. After having children, daily life is life needs, which needs money. Parents often discuss and children are affected, then it will feel that money is really omnipotent.


  1. Teaching children the source of money.

The most of the reason for children’s wrong outlook on money is that they only know what money can buy, but they never know that money is hard-won. They can not see their parents’ hard work or have no intuitive feelings.


The child’s money view also reflects the parents’ own view of money. As treating children, not only to give then good material conditions, but also to teach children to live within their means, so that is responsible for the child’s practice!

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