As a runner, you should wear running shoes. Canvas shoes, rain boots and even high heels should not be used for daily practice. The premise of running is that you must wear appropriate running shoes. Everyone’s feet are different, you have to try again and again, take some time to try different running shoes, you will save a lot of time and money.

Wearing running shoes will avoid injury (this is a comparative statement, because wearing other shoes is easy to cause injuries), and running shoes are far more comfortable and easier than other shoes.

Please be sure to practice regularly. Whether it is morning running or night running, you must remind yourself to go out and practice instead. The performance and physical fitness of running are gradually accumulated with daily practice. Only through self-discipline and requirements can we run more and more easily.

Running for a day or two in a week we can maintain physical fitness and maintain a healthy state. After running for more than three days a week, the physical function will slowly progress.

It is best for beginners to practice in a familiar and safe route. There is someone comes and goes and there must be enough lights to keep the runner’s safe. Familiar routes also represent familiar mileage, making it easy to measure the distance of a single run and feel the difference through running on different days. Many beginners will start to run on the track and field in the beginning. Later, as they progress and improve their physical fitness, they will go to the riverside bicycle path or the mountain road for training. Once they improve their self-ability again, they will return to the track and field for training. The safe and familiar route is not only a good measure of mileage, but also allows the runner to run wildly without fear.

With the development of running habits, you will adjust your work and eating habits. Because if you don’t make a change, you will find that running is a hard work, adding extra fatigue to the original fatigue. Only through the adjustment of work and rest and the improvement of diet, the body will enter the state of quickly repairing muscles and nerve cells.

In the face of overloaded exercises, you may be slightly reluctant, but you should not be reluctant when you have injuries. Overloaded exercises is based on the accumulation of running volume, so we should adjust ourselves appropriately according to our own conditions.

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