How we plan video

There used to be a nice clear line between digital and traditional advertising. We would use digital channels like Facebook or YouTube to target specific audience groups with short-form content. It’s biddable, it’s affordable, and it’s open to all advertisers. Then we had TV for targeting mass audiences at scale. It’s an expensive option with minimal opportunity for specific targeting, outside of just trying to guess who’ll be watching a particular show. But that line is becoming more blurred. We are seeing a trend for digital channels becoming more like broadcast TV. People are consuming more long-form content online which has opened up new opportunities for advertisers.

Meanwhile, TV has already become a digital channel. Today 50% of the U.S. broadband households watch long-form online video on an internet-connected TV, Parks Associates research shows, meaning that we’re starting to see a shift towards addressable audiences.

Far from dying a death, TV advertising is becoming more accessible than ever. It’s entering the realm of channels that can provide access to granular audiences, broadening the range of business objectives it could one day achieve. As industry standards are improved, addressable TV will become a vital part of any media plan so ensure you’re on the front foot.


The future of video advertising is bright, the marketers should pay more attention to it and we look forward more progressing in the future advertising industry, hope we all can have a bright future!

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