Because the electrical motors are twice accelerated from rest to the required rotational velocity and braked once more during every operating cycle, correspondingly high current heat losses are unavoidable and also the idle energy absorbed by the motor is disadvantageous.

The alternating-present servo numerical-management electric screw press is compact in construction and excessive in fast response capacity and overload means, has fewer components and a brief transmission chain, realizes flexibility and intelligentization of forming equipment, improves production efficiency press machine for sale, is high in high quality of products and mechanical strength, saves vitality, is superb in load carrying capability, easy in manufacture, handy in restore, low in manufacturing price, simple in operation, low in lack of the elements, stable in working, excessive in unbalance loading resistance and forming precision, lengthy in service life and vast in utility vary, is protected and reliable, realizes low velocity and excessive torsion, doesn’t impact a power grid, and could be broadly utilized to forging and pressing forming industry.

This model does not permit a direct management of the motor and of the flywheel, even if it presents appreciable advantages by way of power saving. A rising use of screw presses in is dewatering dairy and hog manure as a part of nutrient management programs.

Additionally, such a static stress press is good in appearance, cost-efficient in power consumption and steady in performance. working life langer than friction press as a result of the die not bear further stress. This operation develops the concept of the Brushless linear motor, with the everlasting magnets utilized instantly on the flywheel (rotor) and the stators fixed on the press body.

Because of the placing vitality precise control, the forging die life is elongated vastly. Electrical screw press can forge Claw Pole, connecting rod, type equipment, spherical hinge, Auto elements forging, management arm, riggings and so on exact closed die forgings.

EF, EM clutch kind high-vitality electrical screw press is a brand new upgrade product for ordinary electrical screw press. Presses used for open die forging range from 200 tons to 10,000 tons. Is a professional leader China Electric screw press, Hot forging press, Double disk friction press producer with top quality and reasonable value.