With the improvement of people’s living quality, people’s requirements for kitchen utensils have also increased. Not only quality, but appearance and designation has become necessary factors when we buy kitchen utensils.

Today, let’s talk about some high-end brands kitchen utensils all over the world.

  1. WMF

WMF, as almost everyone knows, the brand of stainless steel kitchen tableware from Germany, stainless steel is durable, so this brand become a high-end kitchenware brand, superior steel material is also a necessary factor for pots, as we know, there is a biggest B2B platform for steel in China, it is SinoSources. Stylish design and superior quality are unique to WMF products. WMF has always been committed to making cooking a happy life experience.

  1. Wusthof

The top German brand knives, called Wusthof, is known as the world’s top brand. German knives are the highest level of kitchen knives in the world, and Wusthof is the king of German knives.

Wusthof is very famous in Europe, but it is not well known in China. Because Wusthof is a family business, it is relatively low-key in publicity. In non-manual knives, Wusthof is the most popular brand in Germany and the price is relatively moderate. Wusthof is committed to environmental awareness and sustainability.

  1. Le Creuset

Le Creuset is a well-known kitchenware brand in France. Since 1925, it is famous for its colorful. It is well known in Europe and America and popular in Japan. It has the reputation of“LV in the kitchen”. This brand is the pride of French kitchen utensils. Le Creuset pots are imported from France and come from the northern French town of FRESNOY-LE-GRAND. Le Creuset pots are made of 100% pig iron and have a rust-proof layer, which gives them a long-lasting insulation and good sealing performance, which has always brought an endless aftertaste.

  1. Mauviel

No one knows about Mauviel from France. He was founded in 1830. It is the best in the pot. It is also the most luxurious pot. It is made of copper. Because of the material, the copper pot has the characteristics of fast heat conduction. It is evenly heated and the copper element is good for the body.

However, the disadvantage of this pot is that it is more expensive and has strict control over temperature. It also has special detergent when cleaning. It is very popular with numerous Michelin-starred restaurants.

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