The meaning of travel is to change, whatever yourself and your life. To through wind and rain, try to let yourself more perfect, after the travel, you can show the more beautiful smeil to welcome your life. Do you want to have a travel? What kinds of country do you like? There are so many beautiful place all over the world, let’s talk about it.


2019 marks two important anniversaries for Berlin: the centenary of the Bauhaus and 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. To celebrate, the opening Bauhaus Festival will be held at the Akademie der Künst on January 16–24. The renowned Bauhaus Archiv—which displays furniture and other designs by the school’s most important figures—is currently being renovated, and a temporary space will host exhibits for the centenary. It’s worth visiting some of Berlin’s UNESCO Heritage–listed Bauhaus sites, including a famous Mies van der Rohe house constructed during the last year of Bauhaus in Berlin.

The city centre of Berlin is surrounded by carefully renovated gardens and surrounded by large forests. About 26.5% of the city’s area is covered by green vegetation such as flowers and trees. Whether in the Prussian Empire or ”Goldenen20erJahren”, Berlin is always full of creativity, drama, dance, literature, small songs and dances; music, painting, each art form and every form of art has produced countless numbers in this city. Ten or even hundreds of years of influence.


Barren landscapes and sand dunes may not be what most people expect to find in Southern Africa, but they show a whole other side of the region that’s becoming much more accessible. According to George Morgan-Grenville, Founder & CEO of luxury outfitter Red Savannah, ”a spate of new lodges in Namibia moves the Southern African nation further up the luxury travel hot list.” He cites Omaanda, a collection of ten Owambo-style huts in a private reserve, the British Colonial–inspired tented camp Sonop, and the luxurious, eco-friendly Shipwreck Lodge by Natural Selection, which opened on the Skeleton Coast. Just this fall, Serra Cafema Camp by Wilderness Safaris emerged from an environmentally sensitive rebuild.

The capital, Windhoek, at an altitude of 1,680 meters, is located in the center of Namibia, with a population of 310,000 and a quarter of European descendants. The city has an administrative building, a national museum, a secondary school and a high school in Augustine, Africa. Katura and Komasdal near Windhoek are the towns where Africans live. In Windhoek, you can also see the various forms of buildings left over from the German colonial era.

The port city of Galvest Bay, located on the west coast of the country, is an important port and tourist city. There are busy cargo ports, beachfront scenery and raw seafood. Visitors can watch the huge salt fields, the lakes with fires and birds, the yachts on the sea, the dolphins, the unforgettable seal islands, the desert scenery by gliders or ATVs, and the experience, etc,. filled with magic.

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