1. Search engine marketing:

SEM, by opening a search engine bid, let the user search for relevant keywords, and click on the keyword creative link to enter the website to further understand the information what he needs, and then by calling the customer service phone number on the website, communicating with the online customer service or directly submitting forms on the page, to achieve their goals.

  1. Search Engine Optimization:

SEO refers to the use of optimization methods within and outside the website to improve the keyword ranking of search engines in the search engine based on the natural ranking mechanism of the search engine, thereby obtaining traffic, generating direct sales or establishing a network brand.

  1. Email Marketing:

The relationship between the industry and the product information is provided to the required users by means of subscription, thereby establishing a trust relationship with the user.

  1. Instant messaging marketing:

A marketing method that uses Internet instant messaging tools for promotion.

  1. Viral marketing:

The viral marketing model comes from online marketing, and the principle of using word-of-mouth communication is a marketing method that is spontaneously carried out by users and has low cost.

  1. BBS marketing:

This application has become very common, especially for individual webmasters, most of which link to the portal site while leaving a link to their own website, which can bring hundreds of IP every day.

  1. Blog Marketing:

Blog marketing is to establish a corporate blog or a personal blog for the interaction between enterprises, users and the embodiment of corporate culture. Generally, business blogs such as industry reviews, work feelings, mood essays and professional skills are used to make users more trustworthy. And enterprises can deepen the brand influence.

  1. Weibo Marketing

Weibo marketing refers to a marketing platform that can create value for merchant and personal, also refers to a commercial behaviors that merchants meet all needs of customers through Weibo.

  1. Wechat Marketing

WeChat marketing is an innovation of the enterprise marketing model in the era of network economy, and it is an online marketing method that rises along with the hot of WeChat. WeChat does not have the limitation of distance. After registering WeChat, users can form a contact with the same “friends” registered around them. Users can subscribe to the information they need. Merchants can promote their products by providing the information they need, thus achieving peer-to-peer Marketing, more prominent such as experiential micro-marketing.

  1. Video Marketing

In the way of creative video, the product information is moved into the video clip, which is absorbed by the popularization, and will not cause too much user group rejection, and is easily accepted by the user community.

  1. We-media marketing:

The media is also known as personal media or citizen media. The media platform includes personal blogs, Weibo, WeChat, Post Bar, etc.

  1. New Media Marketing

New media marketing refers to use the new media platforms to marketing. In the era of great innovation in web2.0, marketing thinking has also brought about tremendous changes. The experience, communication, variation, creativity, and relation. The Internet has entered the era of new media communication 2.0. And emerging media such as online magazines, blogs, Weibo, WeChat, TAG, SNS, RSS, WIKI, etc.

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