In fact, parents who generally process early education will focus on developing their children in these aspects, but the results are often not satisfactory.

First of all, in terms of interpersonal skills, in the concept of parents, children will get better exposure to other peers as soon as possible. This is also an important reason why many parents choose early education institutions. The truth is correct. But children are not aware of these aspects. If they are imposed, they may be counterproductive. The character of a child is mostly determined by his original family. It is a difficult to let a child have a high level of communication skills. The world of children is very pure, playing is playing, they don’t consider other things. Let the child adapt to the crowd is not in a hurry. At this time, the effect of cultivating him in this aspect is negligible, and everyone does not have to pay for it.

Then in language learning, many parents choose to let their children learn bilingually in early education institutions. Although the three-year-old child has strong language learning ability, it is more about the role of the family environment, if the parents say English at all time, the English foundation of the child would be very good. The effect of instilling some systematic courses in the early education institution may not be ideal. Many parents are still immersed in the misunderstandings of early education. They have to admit that there are still many shortcomings in early education in China. But this isn’t mean a complete denial of early education. The correct and appropriate way of early education actually has good impact on children.

Early education should be more focused on the cultivation of concentration. It is not that children are poorly focused but because domestic parents always interrupt their children. For example, when a child is playing with a toy, Mom and Dad will demonstrate the gameplay or ask the baby from time to time, whether to drink water, whether to eat or something. On the one hand, parents will have a sense of participation, on the other hand, they are also scruples about the safety of children. In fact, when the child is curious about the outside world, he may play for a long time with a piece of brick. Children need such time to do what they want to do. As he grows up, this concentration of training will become more and more important. Parents only need to properly observe and obstruct the danger. Lack of security is also a common problem in infants. The child is sensitive inside. Parents jokingly “I don’t want you” have a bad influence on the child’s psychological state. With more patience and care, the child will feel full of security, which is of great significance to the cultivation of his personality such as self-confidence.

The growth of the child is slowly formed, not a one-time process. It is not a bad thing to pay attention to the education before the child is three years old, but it is also necessary to pay attention to creating a good family atmosphere. The family is the best early education institution for the child.

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