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Promote the Integration of Industry

The time coordinate refers to the “right time” to meet the consumer demand according to the portrait and contact of the offline C client. Demand coordinates refer to the right things at the right time, cater to the C-end demand, click here provide the same demand for the homogenized people, and provide the public explosives according to the herd mentality of the offline C-end consumer groups. Psychological coordinates refer to the provision of corresponding price anchoring products while providing different grades of goods, accompanied by an interactive marketing approach with hunger marketing and gaming experience, enhanced C-side with high-frequency interaction and close emotional connections.

China Economic Times: What do you think are the core competencies for differentiated markets?

Miao Wang: At present, Zhongyu Industry Alliance has five major subversions, namely, information oligarchy, elimination of creation, homology of supply and demand, store and warehouse, and offline marking.click here

At the same time, there are three major characteristics: the combination of industry and finance, if we let the financial return to the essence, financial is not a profit model but a commercial tool. The intra-trade cycle solves the problem of the use of idle funds in the alliance. Through the benign commercial trade operation, the cash flow is fully circulated with the goods flow, and the industrial security funds are added value. The other is the concentricity of the C-end business.

China Economic Times: What is the future goal of the Zhongyu Industry Alliance?

Miao Wang: Finance is the “heart” of the economy and provides “blood” for industrial development. The real economy is the foundation of the country and focuses on revitalizing the real economy. However, no matter how complicated and serious the international and domestic situation is, click here it is necessary to solve this fundamental problem in order to improve the economic development. Zhongyu Industry Alliance will be based on the real economy and use financial capital as the engine. Committed to be the leader in the integration of industry and finance. Through two major sectors – the financial sector and the industrial sector, with a professional investment management team and a project operation team, combined with a rich physical project format, through rigorous development process, perfect project management and strong resource integration, and strive to become a multi-service integration Multi-functional super-large industry alliance with mutual benefit and mutual benefit.

China Economic Times: What are your policy recommendations for industrial integration development?

Miao Wang: I believe that the cost reduction reform needs to continue, electric scooter for Adult in other word, it needs to have a further developed. In addition to the impact of continuous increase in corporate costs such as labor costs and environmental costs, and the difficulty of improving the ability of enterprises to innovate in the short term, the cost reduction is also facing new challenges. At the same time, there is still much room for improvement in the business environment, and the sense of corporate satisfaction still needs to be improved.

Should We Look the Real Estate as the Livelihood industry?

Today, there were 40 years after the reform and opening up, China has undergone tremendous changes,SinoeastPortuguês and the people have generally lived a good life. However, we must also have a sense of urgency. The future development path may not be smooth sailing. Sunshine and rainbow always appear after the storm, we must try to avoid detours.

As far as real estate is concerned, we must establish the correct concept and not develop real estate as a pillar industry that drives economic development, because it may take a detour. The correct treatment of the real estate industry can be regarded as a basic industry. Its essence is the civilian production industry. Like the public service industries such as urban water supply, power supply and gas supply, the price control is implemented. The government sets the guidance price and cannot pursue profiteering. Once the real estate is seeking to maximize profits, it is inevitable that there will be no bubbles. In the past, our approach was to adopt a mode of public utility land allocation. SinoeastLe français Commercial land such as commercial housing was auctioned, and the price was high. The result was a lot of problems. The land price was getting higher and higher, and some measures were taken later, the situation is a little better, and the commercial housing with guaranteed nature, such as price-limited housing, has been introduced, but for ordinary families, the price is still somewhat high.

It is true that how to deal with the real estate industry needs to be further explored, and the views are divided. For example, some people believe that the government should only manage affordable housing, and ordinary commercial housing should not interfere too much. Some people think that commercial housing can be divided into two, and the high-end commodity housing market with prices above the median is completely liberalized. The price of ordinary commercial housing below the median can be properly controlled. In terms of housing security, some people think that families who cannot afford housing should go to rent a house. It is impossible for everyone to buy a house. Some views seem to make sense, but they are actually problematic. In essence, the real estate industry and the financial industry belong to the service industry. A country must be truly strong. It cannot rely solely on the service industry, the key is to rely on manufacturing. As long as the manufacturing industry is globally advanced and technologically advanced, this country will win in international competition. Therefore, China must give priority to the development of advanced manufacturing industries,SinoeastItaliano  build high-level manufacturing and strong countries, and regard advanced manufacturing rather than real estate industry as China’s pillar industry.

In short, China has a population of more than 1.3 billion and has huge demand potential. However, from the perspective of high-income people, existing products and services can no longer meet their needs; from the perspective of low-income people, they are mainly limited by purchasing power. Therefore, it is mainly to grasp the structural reform of the supply side and fill the shortcomings of the people’s livelihood. For the real estate industry, these two aspects of work are also very important.SinoeastNederlands

Fitness Necessary Food

Fitness cannot leave protein, so we are talking about the food what contain protein ranks top ten.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are the essence of plants. check hereThey are generally nutritious and contain high levels of protein, oil, minerals and vitamins. They have excellent effects on human growth and development, physical fitness and disease prevention.

Yogurt, milk and soybean milk

Milk is the one of the oldest natural beverages, it was called white blood, so we can imagine the importance of it for us. The main ingredients contain water, fat, phospholipid, protein, lactose, inorganic salt, etc. In the process of the yogurt’s fermentation process, 20% of the sugar and protein has been hydrolyzed into small particles, the protein of it usually is 3% – 5%, after fermentation, fatty acids in milk can be doubled compared to raw milk. These changes make yogurt more digestible and absorbable, and the utilization of various nutrients is improved.

Soybean milk is a favorite drink of the Chinese people. It is also a kind of nutritious food for all ages. It enjoys the reputation of ”plant milk” in Europe and America. Soymilk is rich in vegetable protein and phospholipids, and also contains vitamins B1, B2 and niacin.check here

Egg white

Egg white riches in protein, and can not only whiten the skin, but also make the skin tender, and also has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying and enhancing skin immune function.

Various beans

There are many varieties of beans, mainly soybeans, broad beans, mung beans, peas, red beans, black beans and so on. They can be divided into two broad categories based on the type and amount of nutrients in the beans. A class of high-protein, high-fat beans represented by soybeans.check here  Another type of legume is characterized by high levels of carbohydrates, such as mung beans and red beans. Fresh beans and soy products can not only be used as dishes, but also as a raw material for condiments.


Tofu is generally made by beans with higher protein such as soybeans, black beans and peanuts.

Tofu is extremely nutritious and contains iron, magnesium, potassium, niacin, copper, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, folic acid, vitamin B1, egg yolk and vitamin B6. Each 100 grams of tofu, moisture accounted for 69.8%, containing 15.7 grams of protein, 8.6 grams of fat, 4.3 grams of carbohydrates and 0.1 grams of fiber, can provide 611.2 kilojoules of heat. The high amino acid and protein content of tofu makes it a good supplement to cereals. 78% of tofu fat is unsaturated fatty acid and does not contain cholesterol. It is known as the ”plant meat”. The digestion and absorption rate of tofu is over 95%. Two small pieces of tofu can meet the daily calcium requirement of a person.


Beef has a high protein content, low fat content, delicious taste, enjoying the reputation of ”the pride of the meat”. The amount of fat in the beef leg is very low. If the fat around it is removed, the fat content is less than that of the force.

Hypothesis about the Bermuda Triangle (III)

Infrasound hypothesis

Some scientists believe that the “devil” of Bermuda’s “Devil Triangle” is a strong infrasound wave,check here which is extremely destructive, which is the main cause of the destruction of aircraft and ships and the death of occupants.

As early as the 1930s, Soviet geophysicist discovered the infrasound generated by the waves. Later, many scientists also discovered that volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, lasers, thunder, aircraft flights, storms, etc., can also produce infrasound waves. In areas where storms are brewing, an infrasound shock will occur before the storm is approaching. Strong infrasound waves can cause rupture of the hull, and disintegration of the aircraft.

In 1970, an American aircraft flew over the Bermuda Triangle and disappeared from the screen for 10 minutes. After the plane landed, all on-board clocks were 10 minutes slower than the ground. In February 1977, an explorer and his four partners took a seaplane into the Bermuda Triangle to explore and stay there for a few days. One night, when they had dinner, they found a strange phenomenon.check here The forks they used for eating suddenly bent, and at the same time more than a dozen keys on the seaplane changed shape, and even the pointer on the compass deviated by 40°. Some scholars have speculated that the above-mentioned strange phenomenon may be due to a weak or moderate infrasound oscillation. Some scholars disagree with this view. They believe that only high-intensity infrasound can affect animals and human organs, but that is the phenomenon observed in experiments conducted in closed space. It is difficult to produce high-intensity infrasound waves in nature. There are also scientists who conceive the creation of infrasound weapons, but it is only an idea that imagination should not be regarded as a reality.

Black hole hypothesis

The hypothesis of black hole, are some powerful celestial bodies have fallen into the Bermuda Sea. They have become the objects that are small but extremely dense. Any substance, including light, will be sucked in by it. But it does not release any substance, check here so people can’t find it. It is like a black hole, the ship and the plane are affected by it, and it is inhaled into the sea when it is too late to ask for help. This view was put forward by American scholar Weller. He believes that there is a comet that fell 1500 years ago in the Bermuda Sea. This high-density comet made the Bermuda area a huge black hole. Once the ship and the plane approached, they were sucked in and could not get rid of it. And Belize on the Mexican peninsula that the place not far from Bermuda has also flew a meteorite. This meteorite destroyed all the creatures on earth, and its dust has been pervading the earth for ten years. Whether Bermuda has also been affected by it, we didn’t know. The ships and planes that disappeared in the Bermuda area, this phenomenon may caused by the black hole, but the black hole is difficult to explain why only the plane and the ship disappeared in an instant.

How Many Types of Dwellings(I)

Until now how many types of dwellings you have known? Perhaps, less people will concern about this issue. Actually, according to my collection of categories of house, there are more than 30 types such as Apartment, Castle, Bungalow, Villa, Skyscraper, Hotel, Motel, and so on. I may list related types of house below,check here


A bungalow is a low-rise single-storey house. It is usually very small in size. check here A bungalow usually has a balcony (porch) in front or behind, which is a covered area to sit on.


An apartment is an American or English term for a home where you live. Certainly, in England somehow they also call the apartment as flat in a separate home within a large building where others also have their own home. Apartment buildings are usually owned by a company or developer, and each apartment is rented by people living there.

Detached houses

A single-family house, often referred to as a stand-alone house, check here is an independent medium-sized house. No other building is connected to a family’s house. Single-family housing is most common in areas outside the city known as “suburbs”.

Duplex house is a kind of house which constructs two houses under one roof. It is similar to a semi-independent house (semi-detached), because one end of the two-sided printer is connected to another house, not both sides. Some double-sided printers are a house, but they are divided into two houses.

Semi means half or partly and detached means that it is not touching anything else. Semi-detached is also called Semi-independent housing refers to one side of the house in contact with another building, not the other side.

Famous French Cuisine(I)

Frenchmen have always been famous for being good at eating. French food still ranks first in western cuisine in the world. French cuisine is characterized by a wide selection of ingredients (such as snails, goose liver are delicious French dishes); fine processing; elegant cooking, rich flavor or light taste with variety of cuisine. French cuisine (la cuisine française in French) is one of the most famous cuisines in the world and has been widely recognized. Its delicate taste, the delicacy of sauce and the elegance of tableware can be called an art. French cuisine has always been known around the world. it is not only delicious, but also has many kinds of dishes and unique cooking methods.check here

Main features about la cuisine française

French food is the most important dish in Western food and a pearl of Western culture.check here

Legend has it that Catherine, an Italian woman, married King Henry II of France in the 16th century, brought to France such cooking methods as cattle liver, black fungus, tender steak and cheese prevalent in the Italian Renaissance. Louis XIV also launched a cooking competition, the Corden Bleu Prize, which is now popular.

French cuisine is characterized by the use of fresh seasonal materials, coupled with the unique cooking condition of chef, to complete a unique artistic delicacy, no matter visual, olfactory, taste, touch, sympathetic nerve, are incomparable realm.


What Marketing Decision To Prompt Amazon Development(II)

Amazon has designed future purchasing plans as a natural process, and selling loss-making promotional products at the front end may generate substantial sustainable revenue at the back end. Sell a product with one-time loss and design a simple and effective plan to enable users to purchase continuously in the future, so as to make more profits. Amazon is estimated to have lost more than $500 million on Kindle devices, but has made more than $2 billion in profits on e-books, music, film/television programs, advertising and applications.

It is not an ideal choice for every enterprise or product to sell a loss promotion product at the front end. There are two situations that are very suitable for this strategy,

Scenario 1, Your loss promotion products require future renewals from your customers to work properly (e.g. the shavers need to buy shaver’s blades or the printers need to buy ink).

Scenario 2, Your goal is to attract new customers into your store, and you think they will buy more after experiencing the product (for example, Black Friday sales attract many new buyers, and milk and eggs attract people into the store, prompting them to buy high-profit goods on your platform or store).Click Here For More.

Tip 3 Charitable plans feedback to social and profit

Work with branches that are highly relevant to the audience you want to attract to build a two-way collaboration: they promote you through the pre-made marketing materials you provide; you promote them to customers on your website.

For Amazon, charities promoted their products through pre-made Banner ads and social posts; Amazon promoted the charity program by popping up dialogs on its product pages.

Amazon Smile Foundation, founded by Amazon, aims to allow the customers to do charity while shopping. Such philanthropic activities have other benefits, such as making customers feel more meaningful to buy on Amazon, encouraging more people to buy products from Amazon, and positive attitudes towards Amazon.

New systems VS Drones in UK(II)

About Government Action

Since Wednesday The Gatwick airport has spent £5mon about new equipment and technology to prevent copycat attacks and maintain routine’s order during working time at Gatwick airport. Mr. Ben Wallace did not say what new system and equipment could be used to deal with the threat of UAVs, nor did he specify the speed and scale of their deployment.

On Monday Australian civil aviation authorities stated that UAV detecting sensors will be installed at airports from next month, also saying Gatwick’s confusion highlights the need for the technology.

In Britain,Click Here For More. Labour called for an independent investigation into the destruction, claiming that despite repeated warnings about the dangers of UAVs to aviation, the government “failed to take action”.

Security Minister Wallace said in a statement that he was “confident” that the Sussex Police Department, which led the investigation, would “bring to justice those responsible for serious crimes that caused damage and suffering to thousands of passengers”. he said “Those people who chose to use drones either recklessly or for criminal purposes can expect the most severe sentence and jail time when caught.”

The Ministry of Transport in UK rejected the claim that legislation had been delayed and said it had led to chaos in Gatwick, pointing out that current laws prohibit UAVs from flying over airports.

A New Development About Uber(I)

Recently, there is the latest news about Uber. Expect to know? Right now read about my post about it.

About Uber

Uber, the technologies company, is a peer-to-peer taxi cab, ride-sharing,  bicycle-sharing, food delivery,and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations in 785 metropolitan areas worldwide.Click Here For More.

Latest News About Uber

“I am delighted today’s ruling brings us closer to the ending Uber’s abuse of precarious workers made possible by tactics of contract trickery, Click Here For More. psychological manipulation and old-fashioned bullying.” said, Mr. Farrar, who is chairman of the United Private Hire Drivers branch of the IWGB union.

Uber has lost its appeal against the ruling that its driver should be treated as a worker rather than a self-employed person. In 2016, the court ruled that drivers James Farrar and Yasset Aslam were employees of Uber and were entitled to vacation pay, paid rest and minimum wages. The Court of Appeal has now upheld this ruling. But Uber pointed out that one of the three judges supported the case and said he would appeal to the Supreme Court. He added that to his dismay, the driver’s status as a worker was further delayed while Uber sought a further appeal.

Flavor Food Chongqing Hot And Sour Rice Noodles(II)

Ingredients and Materials

Sweet potato powder 100g,

Spicy peanut rice 30g,

Fuling mustard 20g,

White sesame 10g,

Shallot 1,

Coriander 2,

Pepper appropriate amount, dry pepper 2.

30 grams of edible oil,

1 tsp of sesame oil,

18 tablespoons of high soup,

1 tsp of Baoning vinegar,

1/3 of cayenne pepper,

1/2 of Chinese prickly ash,

1/2 of salt,

1/2 of monosodium glutamate,

1/2 of pepper.


  1. Dried noodles are soaked in water from 50 to 60 degrees and are soft.Click Here For More.
  2. Put sesame, ginger powder, garlic puree, parsley, pepper powder, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, pepper powder, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil and pepper oil in a bowl.
  3. Add broth, scallions and lard to make the base.
  4. When the water is boiling, put the soft-soaked noodles into the pot and blanch for half a minute.
  5. Blanch pea tips or other green vegetables in hot water, add mustard, fried peanuts, soybeans and coriander.
  6. Now you may taste this flavor local food and enjoy it with your family.
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