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About Web Server(II)

Main Web Servers


Apache is the top Web server software around the world. It can run on almost all widely used computer’s platforms. Because of its cross-platform and security, it is one of the most popular Web Server Software. At the same time, Apache’s pronunciation denotes a tribe of North American Indians, called Apache, in the southwest of the United States. It’s also the name of a foundation, an armed helicopter, and so here


Kangle Web Server (abbreviated as kangle) is a cross-platform, powerful, click here secure, stable and easy-to-operate high-performance web server and reverse proxy server software. In addition: Kangle is also a web server specially designed for virtual hosting. Realize independent process and independent identity running of virtual host. Security isolation between users, one user does not affect other users when problems occur. Security supports php, asp, net, java, Ruby and other dynamic development languages.


Nginx (pronounced engine x) is a lightweight Web Server/reverse proxy server and email (IMAP/POP3) proxy server, which is distributed under a BSD-like protocol. Developed by Igor Sysoev, a Russian programmer, for the use of large Russian entry websites and search engine Rambler. Its characteristic is that it occupies less memory and has strong concurrency ability. In fact, the concurrency ability of nginx does perform better in the same type of web server. Users of nginx websites in mainland China include: Sina, Netease, Tencent, etc.

About Face Recognition, How Much Do You Know? (VI)


Face recognition is considered as one of the most difficult research topic in the fields of biometric features recognition and even artificial intelligence. The difficulties of face recognition mainly is because face is as the biological characteristic.


All of our faces are similar, there is a little differences among the different body, even the appearance and structure of human face are both similar. This characteristic is advantage for locating with human faces, but is disadvantage for distinguish the human body with the face.


The appearance of human faces is not the same, we can generate many expressions through the change of faces, and the visual pattern of the human faces is have a big different if we at different angles of view, and it is also affected by the light condition, covering and age.

Main application

Face recognition is mainly used for identification. Since video surveillance is rapidly spreading, many video surveillance applications urgently need a fast identification technology in a long-distance and user-incompatible state, in order to quickly confirm the identity of a person at a long distance and realize intelligent early warning. Face recognition technology is undoubtedly the best choice. Fast face detection technology can be used to find faces in real time from surveillance video images and compare them with face database in real time to achieve fast identification.

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Do You Want to be a Computer Programmer(II)

The average programmer has four years of study in the professional field and needs a bachelor’s degree in the field of programming, both in mathematics and engineering.

Approximately 20% have a higher degree in computer science and engineering in this field. There are still a small number of programmers who are self-taught. Although some professional schools or comprehensive universities can provide them, they also need some other ways to provide relevant talents. Although academic qualifications are important, companies often focus on the job experience of candidates.

An associate’s degree can offer you a basic education in computer programming, and might be enough to get you started in some entry level programming jobs. Most higher-level jobs, however, will require a more advanced degree. You might want to consider getting a two-year degree if you want to get into the workforce sooner, then continue working towards a more advanced degree later on.

A bachelor’s degree, a four-year program, is best for most basic programming careers. This degree will give you all of the skills you need to work in a variety of programming fields, and many universities offer a variety of specializations, such as information technology, network administration, or software development.

Of course we can have other higher degree, which can help us more. At the same time, we need some experiences, generally some graduates cannot find a job since they have no experience. Although a programmer does not have a formal education, if a person has a deep knowledge background or rich work experience in programming, then his chances are much larger than those of graduates with academic qualifications. So try to grab useful work and internship opportunities, so that after graduation you will find that more internships give you more experience and more opportunities when you are looking for a job.

The programmer must be able to correctly understand the requirements described in the task list. To be clear here, the programmer should not only pay attention to the functional requirements of the software, but also pay attention to the performance requirements of the software. It is necessary to correctly evaluate the impact of the module on the entire project and the potential threats. If a skilled programmer who worked for 2-3 years still have no feeling in the project can only say that he may have worked hard but did not work hard. And the idea can’t be limited to the current work task. If you want to see if the module you write can be separated from the current system, use it directly in other systems or other modules. This allows the code to be reused, reduces duplication of effort, and makes the system structure more reasonable.

What is the ultimate weapon of a programmer is strong curiosity and learning spirit. There is no better weapon than strong curiosity and learning spirit. It is the source and motivation for programmers to climb the peak. Hope this passage can help you understand how to do a computer programmer.

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