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WalMart Inc. In Japanese and Chinese Market(II)

When entering the Japanese market, the Japanese market has been fully investigated. Understanding that Japanese citizens pay attention to the quality of goods and shopping environment in the choice of retail goods, specially established fish shops can enable consumers to buy the latest fresh products at the first time, while replicating the more spacious shopping channels in the United States into the WalMart supermarkets in Japan, this is the case. Mainly in order to cater to Japanese consumers for the pursuit of shopping quality.Click Here For More.

Chinese market

WalMart’s strategy of entering the Chinese market is totally different. Click Here For More.WalMart’s strategy is to gradually expand from the southeast coast to the inland. When WalMart first landed in Shenzhen Market, lead to jointly oppose and restrict in the industry meanwhile also cause huge sensation.

WalMart in the Chinese market to take away the high-profile behavior of Americans and adopt a low-key survival strategy, Click Here For More.the appropriate increase in operating prices makes competitors less anxious.

WalMart’s strategy is also based on the specific reality of the Chinese market. China’s economic regulation is co-regulated by the market and the government. When WalMart’s existence makes the interests of domestic retail enterprises suffer great losses, it is easy for retail enterprises to demand market intervention. Therefore, when entering the Chinese market initially, WalMart adopted a low-key development strategy.Click Here For More.

WalMart’s business philosophy is “low price every day”. To adopt the strategy of low price every day in the Chinese market is not only to reduce the cost of product supply, but also to make small profits and sell more.

Winning with automated marketing

Marketing automation, a piece of software based on big data that is used to execute, manage, and automate the cloud of marketing tasks and processes. This software changes the manual repetitive marketing process and is replaced by performance-oriented applications built for specific purposes.

Optimize for growth instead of efficiency

Machine learning is only as good as what you ask it to optimize. Top performers optimize for profitable growth and take a holistic view of their marketing, while others are obsessed with efficiency or measure too granularly, missing the forest for the trees.

For example, by focusing on long-term profitability instead of short-term ROI, HomeAway was able to dramatically turn around its business, increasing 2017 revenue by 115% year over year.

As another example, Google has worked with some top-performing financial services companies that optimize for product purchases made online, by phone, or in person while others optimize only to online information requests. A machine learning algorithm optimizing for actual products purchased in every sales channel will drive a lot more sales, much more effectively than one optimizing only for an information request made online.

Or consider online financial services company Betterment. Instead of focusing only on search or only on video, it made them work together. Betterment used custom intent audiences to engage YouTube viewers who recently searched for financial keywords on Google. The brand significantly improved its YouTube campaigns, and also saw a 245% increase in brand searches on Google.

Improve creative

In a world where online marketing will be automated, the power of your brand, the personalization of your ads, and the emotional connection you create with consumers will matter even more.

For search ads, machine learning can create hundreds of tailored ads for a single keyword by using a new tool called responsive search ads. It creates unique ads from a few headlines and descriptions, and automatically serves the right ad to the right customer.

On YouTube, advertisers can use machine learning to personalize content at scale. Frito-Lay identified the most popular YouTube content categories – everything from gaming to 90s fashion – among its target audience. It then used YouTube’s Director Mix tool to quickly create different creative variations for each of the top categories. Finally, it set up the campaign so that the relevant creative was served to the right person at the right time. If someone was about to watch a music video, for example, they might have seen music-related creative.

Invest in better mobile experiences

It doesn’t matter how beautiful or effective your ad creative is. If you have a poor mobile site experience, users won’t convert. Top marketers understand the value in having fast, frictionless mobile experiences. With automated marketing, machine learning bidding algorithms automatically drive more customers for better-converting sites. Underperforming mobile sites are at a disadvantage.

Most marketing automation now divides customers into pyramids, which are examples of patterns that help marketers identify goals and meet marketing needs. The pyramid is a stable and long-term partner customer object, while the bottom is the lost customer and potential customer. These are possible objects, which require marketing automation to analyze and determine the percentage of customers that meet business needs.

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The Ways of On-line Marketing(I)

  1. Search engine marketing:

SEM, by opening a search engine bid, let the user search for relevant keywords, and click on the keyword creative link to enter the website to further understand the information what he needs, and then by calling the customer service phone number on the website, communicating with the online customer service or directly submitting forms on the page, to achieve their goals.

  1. Search Engine Optimization:

SEO refers to the use of optimization methods within and outside the website to improve the keyword ranking of search engines in the search engine based on the natural ranking mechanism of the search engine, thereby obtaining traffic, generating direct sales or establishing a network brand.

  1. Email Marketing:

The relationship between the industry and the product information is provided to the required users by means of subscription, thereby establishing a trust relationship with the user.

  1. Instant messaging marketing:

A marketing method that uses Internet instant messaging tools for promotion.

  1. Viral marketing:

The viral marketing model comes from online marketing, and the principle of using word-of-mouth communication is a marketing method that is spontaneously carried out by users and has low cost.

  1. BBS marketing:

This application has become very common, especially for individual webmasters, most of which link to the portal site while leaving a link to their own website, which can bring hundreds of IP every day.

  1. Blog Marketing:

Blog marketing is to establish a corporate blog or a personal blog for the interaction between enterprises, users and the embodiment of corporate culture. Generally, business blogs such as industry reviews, work feelings, mood essays and professional skills are used to make users more trustworthy. And enterprises can deepen the brand influence.

  1. Weibo Marketing

Weibo marketing refers to a marketing platform that can create value for merchant and personal, also refers to a commercial behaviors that merchants meet all needs of customers through Weibo.

  1. Wechat Marketing

WeChat marketing is an innovation of the enterprise marketing model in the era of network economy, and it is an online marketing method that rises along with the hot of WeChat. WeChat does not have the limitation of distance. After registering WeChat, users can form a contact with the same “friends” registered around them. Users can subscribe to the information they need. Merchants can promote their products by providing the information they need, thus achieving peer-to-peer Marketing, more prominent such as experiential micro-marketing.

  1. Video Marketing

In the way of creative video, the product information is moved into the video clip, which is absorbed by the popularization, and will not cause too much user group rejection, and is easily accepted by the user community.

  1. We-media marketing:

The media is also known as personal media or citizen media. The media platform includes personal blogs, Weibo, WeChat, Post Bar, etc.

  1. New Media Marketing

New media marketing refers to use the new media platforms to marketing. In the era of great innovation in web2.0, marketing thinking has also brought about tremendous changes. The experience, communication, variation, creativity, and relation. The Internet has entered the era of new media communication 2.0. And emerging media such as online magazines, blogs, Weibo, WeChat, TAG, SNS, RSS, WIKI, etc.

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Deeply Learning of Marketing(II)

The methods of marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications: Refers to the integrated a company’s various modes of communication, including general advertising, direct communication with customers, promotion, public relations, etc., seamlessly interspersed with dispersed information to enable the overall communicating effect of enterprises and their products and services reached clear, continuous, consistent and improved.

Database marketing: Collect consumer information about consumer behavior and vendor sales information on a network or entity in a specific way, and accumulate this information in a database in a fixed format, and use this database for statistical analysis at an appropriate marketing opportunity.

Internet marketing: Network marketing is an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of the enterprise. It is an activity to create an online business environment based on the Internet as a basic means to achieve the overall business objectives of the enterprise. The functions of network marketing include website promotion, online brand, information release, online research, customer relationship, customer service, sales channel, and sales promotion.

Direct marketing: Its biggest feature is ‘‘direct sales with consumers or sales activities without distributors’’, which is take advantage of one or more media, theoretically we can reach any area of the target – including the segmentation of regional and positioning, and is a marketing model that can measures the response or the outcome of the transaction.

Relationship marketing: In many cases, companies can’t seek instant deals, so they build customer relationships with long-term suppliers. The company wants to show its customers excellent service capabilities, and customers are large and global. They prefer suppliers that can offer complementary products or services in different regions, and can quickly solve problems everywhere. When a CRM program is implemented, the organization must focus on both customer and product management. At the same time, companies must understand that while relationship marketing is important, it is not effective under any circumstances. Therefore, companies must evaluate which department is to most beneficial to particular customer for relationship marketing.

Society marketing:Social marketing is based on the “economic people” and “social people”, using similar commercial marketing to achieve social public welfare purposes.

As with general marketing, the purpose of social marketing is to consciously change the behavior of the target group. However, unlike the general commercial marketing model, the behavioral change motivation pursued in social marketing is more from non-commercial dynamics, or non-commercial behavior is simulated as a commercial selling point.

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