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Architectural Art (III)


It is the basic unit for expressing architectural art. The surface in the building, in the form of a sheet form, exists independently: one is the surface of the body, the shape and surface form of the body. The different shapes of the face and the different treatments give different psychological feelings. The face of the building has the beauty of the art of the art, and it must be treated creatively using the aesthetics of the architectural form. For example, the main facade of the Greek Parthenon and the Wutaishan Foguang Temple.

Buildings are made up of various components such as walls, doors, windows, foundations, roofs, etc. These constituent elements have a certain shape, size, color and texture, the shapes can be abstracted into points, lines, faces and bodies. The architectural form of the US law expresses the general combination of points, lines, faces, bodies and colors and textures. Such as: change and unity, subject and subordination, contrast and difference, balance and stability, rhythm and rhythm, proportion and scale, alignment and echo, as well as virtual reality, light and dark, color, material, texture. The law of architectural form is developed with the times. In order to meet the needs of architectural development, people are constantly exploring these rules and injecting new content. The traditional composition principle is generally limited to the problem of exploring beauty from the form itself, and has limitations. Therefore, many modern architects study the rules that architectural creation must follow from the aspects of human physiological mechanism, behavior, psychology, aesthetics, language, semiotics and so on. Although these studies are still in the exploratory stage, they will undoubtedly have a major impact on the development of the architectural form of the US law.Click Here For More.


The body is a three-dimensional space model, which actually occupies a position in space, and has a long, wide, and high three-dimensional scale, which can be viewed from any angle. The application of the body in the building is the most intuitive, and the building that people feel is the expression of the body. For buildings, body-to-face processing is more important. The body includes body shape and volume, body shape and volume are the first impressions of the building, and its treatment also needs to follow the architectural form of the law.

The building’s body shape is rich and diverse. The self-characteristics of different body shapes and the external forms of different combinations of bodies add expression language to the expression of architecture. For example, the tower of the Yuyue Temple in China is towering, and the layers of eaves form many horizontal lines, and the outline is full and with tension. The huge volume is a significant difference between architecture and other plastic arts. Some buildings have simple faces and shapes, mainly based on volume. The huge volume shows its artistic character. The huge volume is not absolute, and the right is important. For example, the huge volume of the Egyptian pyramid brings shock, while the architecture in Chinese gardens pays less attention to the smaller volume and reflects the intimacy.

The Current Situation and Future of Real Estate Industry(III)

(2)The enthusiasm of land investment is still high

Land is the raw material for the development and sale of goods by housing enterprises, and it is the source of production and development. In recent years, the land investment of large-scale housing enterprises has gradually increased. In 2017, 28 large-scale enterprises took a total of 532.03 million square meters, a year-on-year increase of 157%; the accumulated land acquisition amount was 2,479.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 96%.

According to the statistics, in 2017, the amount of land acquired by TOP10 enterprises accounted for 48.5% of the TOP50 enterprises. The advantages of land resources of large-scale excellent housing enterprises became more prominent. Small-scale housing enterprises gradually lost their voice in the land market, and the sales growth in the future was limited. The concentration has increased.

(3) Coexist adherence, transformation, and departure

Along with the constant changes in the market and the deepening of regulation and control, housing companies of different scales have played a booming role in this hot wave of sales. Leading housing companies have achieved strong results due to the previous layout advantages, and medium-sized housing enterprises. Thinking about how to break through in the market strangulation, and some small and medium-sized housing enterprises have gradually begun to explore their future survival. Real estate companies have never lacked the opportunity to counterattack, but they are also facing the horror of step by step. The decision-making of future development is always an important issue for all housing companies. Some housing companies choose to adhere to the development business, some housing enterprises to find new profit points, and some housing companies choose to give up this industry to completely withdraw.

The leading enterprises and medium-sized housing enterprises are the mainstays in the development of the business. The real estate industry is focused on scale, and only the development business can quickly make large-scale and maintain the competitiveness of enterprises.

There are also a handful of companies that are looking for new business models and growth points through transformation. Vanke stressed that ”the real estate market will slow down and the overall profit margin will face downward pressure. Vanke will be biased towards various light assets and transform into comprehensive urban property service providers to develop a variety of new industries”. There are also many housing companies subject to financial pressure, the size of the soil storage, etc., choose to sell assets or withdraw. Wanda Commercial sold its 13 cultural and travel projects and 77 hotel projects to Sunac and R&F for a price of RMB 63.7 billion. SOHO China sold a total of six projects in three years, while Pan Shiyi said that he would no longer take new projects. There are also many small and medium-sized developers that have closed down or are being acquired by big developers. According to statistics, there were more than 20 listed companies in 2017 or the entire equity of the real estate company held by the transfer, or the overall divestiture of the real estate business.

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Knowledge about Real Estate(III)

The real estate market

The real estate market is a place or field for trading activities such as the sale, lease, sale, and mortgage of real estate. The property includes houses that are used as personal consumption materials for residents, as well as factories and office buildings that are used as production materials. Therefore, the residential market is a part of the lifestyle data market and the non-residential property market is a part of the production factor market. Real estate is also a natural commodity, so establishing and developing a market for real estate transactions is a requirement for economic operations.

The real estate market is the basic condition for the real estate industry to carry out social reproduction, and can drive the development of many industries such as construction industry and building materials industry. Through the market mechanism, the real estate market can realize the value in a timely manner, which can improve the economic benefits of the real estate industry, promote the effective allocation of real estate resources and the virtuous circle of real estate construction funds. The real estate market can guide the rationalization of residents’ consumption structure, which is conducive to improving living conditions and improving residents’ living standards. Therefore, the real estate market is the most representative and most important part of the real estate market system and is in the main position.

Chinese market

The absolute amount of real estate enterprises’ sales in January-May is not very low. The sales data of most key housing enterprises still shows an increase compared with the same period of last year. However, in the 2014 full-year target, the completion ratio is very low. The developer was overly optimistic at the beginning of the year to estimate the overall market for 2014.

As of yesterday, a total of 13 A-share and H-share listed real estate enterprises such as Vanke, Evergrande, Greenland, Country Garden and Poly announced their sales performance in May. Due to the increase in promotion efforts and the effect of local rescue policies, the sales of key real estate enterprises in May have improved, but the overall sales target completion rate in January-May has generally declined. It is expected that the pressure on the shipment and de-entry of housing enterprises will increase sharply in the second half of the year, and the sales strategy of accompanying the market and accelerating the de-transformation will become the mainstream of the housing enterprises in response to the market.

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