1. O2O three dimensional marketing

O2O three dimensional marketing is a all-media deep integration marketing that based on the online and outline, guided by the transformation of brand value, the use of information system mobility to help brand enterprises create a three-dimensional marketing network of all-round channels, and develop a complete set of multi-dimensional interactive marketing models based on market big data analysis. Large-scale brand enterprises comprehensively use marketing effects as a omni-directional perspective to classify audience needs in multiple levels, and selectively use various channels of communication such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, audio, video, film, publishing, internet, and mobile. In-depth interactive integration of texts, pictures, sounds, videos, touches, etc., It covers all senses of people receiving information such as sight, hearing, light, image, touch, etc., and providing full-view, three-dimensional marketing coverage to the audience. To help enterprises create multi-channel, multi-level, diversified, multi-dimensional, all-dimensional three-dimensional marketing network.Click Here For More.

On-line marketing has shortened the process of media delivery. Click Here For More. Advertisers generally have to go through three stages of marketing in traditional media: market development period, market consolidation period and market maintenance period. In these three stages, the manufacturer must first gain attention and create brand awareness; after the consumer obtains the initial information of the brand, promote more detailed product information. Then there is a stronger link between the establishment and the consumer to build brand loyalty. The internet realize them in an ad, the customers see our adversity to participate in our market activity, even to directly purchase goods on the internet.