NTN has been a top OEM provider to the business for fifty years running. En route, our items have gotten the worldwide norm for hand crafted bearings in mining gear. NTN is at the bleeding edge of bearing advancement, applying our profound industry information to plan and design arrangements that have a genuine effect to your activity’s efficiency—while decreasing impromptu disappointments and in general hardware lifecycle costs.


Our profound comprehension of your novel difficulties gives us the understanding to realize it takes specific bearings to brave the discipline that mining gear doles out—discipline that most bearings aren’t made to deal with. Uplifting news: NTN bearings aren’t made like most bearings. They are assembled more intelligent to work more enthusiastically. That is on the grounds that NTN is at the cutting edge of bearing advancement, applying our profound industry information to plan and design arrangements that have a genuine effect to your quarry’s usefulness, while decreasing spontaneous disappointments and generallychina Bearing for mining equipment hardware lifecycle costs.

Consistent Velocity Joints

NTN began creation of consistent speed joints (CVJs) in Japan in 1963. In 2007, the quantity of CVJs delivered on a total premise outperformed 400 million units. Following forceful development of creation worldwide during the 1990s, we currently have a solid headquarters to react to the worldwide sourcing needs of the car business. These activities are upheld by a three-dimensional advancement framework covering the three key areas of the Americas, Japan and Europe. A creation and deals framework incorporating these three districts has extended to incorporate China and different pieces of Asia.


Since 1991, NTN has been delivering American-made CVJs at our cutting edge fabricating office in Columbus, Indiana. This plant has been perceived for ecological stewardship by the public authority of Indiana and is a zero-landfill activity. We’ve kept on extending our worldwide presence with in excess of 18 CVJ plants all throughout the planet.

Innovation FOR ECOLOGY

With regards to assembling CVJs for car use, execution requests are subject to the sort of joint and the area in which they will be utilized. In this way, at NTN, we foster uncommon, naturally cognizant, sans lead oil for each sort of CVJ and every exceptional application, with the goal that every last one of our joints can work at its most significant level.

Moreover, as a pioneer in steady speed joints, we’ve held ourselves to high ecological norms. NTN has addressed the interest for lighter, more smaller, and better items to lessen fuel utilization. We’ve likewise given earth obliging items that stringently cling to both homegrown and global ecological norms.

Innovation FOR COMFORT

The vibration produced during the activity of cars is impacted by shiver qualities of sliding CVJs, for example, instigated push and slide obstruction. We likewise offer an assorted setup to make these joints appropriate for a much more noteworthy cluster of cars.

By adequately utilizing our high level low-vibration innovation, NTN is further upgrading items that significantly further develop every vehicle’s NVH (clamor, vibration, and brutality).