Forbidden City

Forbidden City in Beijing was called the Great Inner Palace City in the Ming Dynasty and the Forbidden City in the Qing Dynasty. Click Here For More. It used to be the palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, where 24 emperors lived. The architecture is magnificent and Splendid, perfectly reflecting the traditional Chinese style and Oriental style. It is the largest existing palace in China and even the whole world. It is a precious cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.

Old Summer Palace

Old Summer Palace is a large Imperial Palace in the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the northwest suburb of Beijing, and is adjacent to the Summer Palace. It is composed of Old Summer Palace, Changchun Summer Palace and Wanchun Summer Palace, so local people call it as “Three Summer Palace”. The garden area is more than 350 hectares, the construction area is 200 thousand square meters, and over 150 scenes. In the midsummer, the emperor of Qing Dynasty came here to take the summer vacation, listen to politics and deal with military affairs. After the eight nation allied forces, they finally turned into ruins.Click Here For More.


Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven is located in the southern part of Beijing City,Click Here For More. east of Dongcheng District Yongding inner street. It covers an area of about 2 million 730 thousand square meters.