Professional Requirements

Cultural requirements

Learning how to be the chefs requires a certain amount of cultural knowledge, endurance and judgment. Learning chefs’ cooking can be registered for relevant cooking schools or places with chefs or directly engaged in catering services.

Moral conduct

Chef’s moral quality means that the professional chef has the level and accomplishment in political thought and moral quality.Click Here For More.

Physical requirements

The chef’s work is a kind of intensive work. To become a qualified chef, from the aspect of physical quality, first of all, we should have a healthy constitution. The chefs’ work very hard, not only massive workload, but also heavy. Whether it is processing and cutting, or cooking in front of the stove, these works require a lot of physical effort from the chefs.

The chef’s work is different from ordinary work, usually reach to his/her post before the customers and eaters, duty off after all consumers and eaters leave; cooking for all of eaters, but taste and eat after duty off.

Sometimes even business gets busy and the chefs cannot eat a whole meal. In addition, they have to withstand the high temperature in front of the stove, the fuming and smoking and so on.

Professional qualities

The professional qualities of chefs include many contents, the main aspect of which is to have exquisite cooking skill.

Specifically speaking, as the qualified chefs, there are more sophisticated skill of cutting up vegetables and meat, to master the duration of fire properly, seasoning to be accurate and palatable.

The chefs should have certain aesthetic accomplishment and artistic innovation foundation. In addition, we should also have the courage to create, have a certain organizational management ability and flexible use of 5S.