Goodall may stay in the Gombe national park for lifetime if there isn’t chimpanzees international congress.

Goodall went to Europe to join a congress about chimpanzees in 1986, she was surprised when the plane hover on the Gombe national park. The park she familiar with is still profusion, but the around area was no one tree and leaving only sand. The Gombe park is so small when she overlooked on the plane, it seems a land of idyllic beauty but we cannot know about its future. ‘‘At that time, suddenly I realized that if I was still in the park to study chimpanzees and live and eat together with them, I cannot protect them but the amount of them will be less and less.’’

Goodall almost immediately made a decision: to be an environmentalist. Goodall wrote in the book: “How can I continue my idyllic life – continue to collect data, write papers in the forest, and return to Stanford every year? I think I have to do something for them, so I I chose this path to evoke the world’s concern for their bad luck.”

British queen – Elizabeth II awarded Dame medal to Goodall, this is equate the knighthood. Biologist Steven said: Jane Goodall’s career is one of the greatest achievements of the Western world.

In 1977, Goodall established a charity organization, the Jane Goodall Institute, to promote wildlife conservation and environmental education. In 1984, Goodall established an animal sanctuary and a chimpanzee zoo. The former was used to adopt smuggled juvenile chimpanzees confiscated by the government. The latter mainly took in the chimpanzees that were illegally hunted. This is also the largest apes research base in the world.

In 2010, when studying chimpanzees for 50 years, the BBC also launched a documentary about her, and her books are constantly being published, but these are unimportant for Goodall. A student ask Goodall when she was lecturing in the Peking University: ‘‘if you only have an banana, you will give a human or a chimpanzee?’’ Goodall asked: ‘’ I will divide it equally.’’ This should be seemed as a symbolize that the human is as important as animals.

As an outstanding scientist, her morality was admired by everyone, including her attitude towards animals, her courage and love for the scientific enterprise. Jane Goodall was the chimpanzees’ best friend and a real world-class scientific researcher.

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