Infrasound hypothesis

Some scientists believe that the “devil” of Bermuda’s “Devil Triangle” is a strong infrasound wave,check here which is extremely destructive, which is the main cause of the destruction of aircraft and ships and the death of occupants.

As early as the 1930s, Soviet geophysicist discovered the infrasound generated by the waves. Later, many scientists also discovered that volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, lasers, thunder, aircraft flights, storms, etc., can also produce infrasound waves. In areas where storms are brewing, an infrasound shock will occur before the storm is approaching. Strong infrasound waves can cause rupture of the hull, and disintegration of the aircraft.

In 1970, an American aircraft flew over the Bermuda Triangle and disappeared from the screen for 10 minutes. After the plane landed, all on-board clocks were 10 minutes slower than the ground. In February 1977, an explorer and his four partners took a seaplane into the Bermuda Triangle to explore and stay there for a few days. One night, when they had dinner, they found a strange phenomenon.check here The forks they used for eating suddenly bent, and at the same time more than a dozen keys on the seaplane changed shape, and even the pointer on the compass deviated by 40°. Some scholars have speculated that the above-mentioned strange phenomenon may be due to a weak or moderate infrasound oscillation. Some scholars disagree with this view. They believe that only high-intensity infrasound can affect animals and human organs, but that is the phenomenon observed in experiments conducted in closed space. It is difficult to produce high-intensity infrasound waves in nature. There are also scientists who conceive the creation of infrasound weapons, but it is only an idea that imagination should not be regarded as a reality.

Black hole hypothesis

The hypothesis of black hole, are some powerful celestial bodies have fallen into the Bermuda Sea. They have become the objects that are small but extremely dense. Any substance, including light, will be sucked in by it. But it does not release any substance, check here so people can’t find it. It is like a black hole, the ship and the plane are affected by it, and it is inhaled into the sea when it is too late to ask for help. This view was put forward by American scholar Weller. He believes that there is a comet that fell 1500 years ago in the Bermuda Sea. This high-density comet made the Bermuda area a huge black hole. Once the ship and the plane approached, they were sucked in and could not get rid of it. And Belize on the Mexican peninsula that the place not far from Bermuda has also flew a meteorite. This meteorite destroyed all the creatures on earth, and its dust has been pervading the earth for ten years. Whether Bermuda has also been affected by it, we didn’t know. The ships and planes that disappeared in the Bermuda area, this phenomenon may caused by the black hole, but the black hole is difficult to explain why only the plane and the ship disappeared in an instant.