The time coordinate refers to the “right time” to meet the consumer demand according to the portrait and contact of the offline C client. Demand coordinates refer to the right things at the right time, cater to the C-end demand, click here provide the same demand for the homogenized people, and provide the public explosives according to the herd mentality of the offline C-end consumer groups. Psychological coordinates refer to the provision of corresponding price anchoring products while providing different grades of goods, accompanied by an interactive marketing approach with hunger marketing and gaming experience, enhanced C-side with high-frequency interaction and close emotional connections.

China Economic Times: What do you think are the core competencies for differentiated markets?

Miao Wang: At present, Zhongyu Industry Alliance has five major subversions, namely, information oligarchy, elimination of creation, homology of supply and demand, store and warehouse, and offline here

At the same time, there are three major characteristics: the combination of industry and finance, if we let the financial return to the essence, financial is not a profit model but a commercial tool. The intra-trade cycle solves the problem of the use of idle funds in the alliance. Through the benign commercial trade operation, the cash flow is fully circulated with the goods flow, and the industrial security funds are added value. The other is the concentricity of the C-end business.

China Economic Times: What is the future goal of the Zhongyu Industry Alliance?

Miao Wang: Finance is the “heart” of the economy and provides “blood” for industrial development. The real economy is the foundation of the country and focuses on revitalizing the real economy. However, no matter how complicated and serious the international and domestic situation is, click here it is necessary to solve this fundamental problem in order to improve the economic development. Zhongyu Industry Alliance will be based on the real economy and use financial capital as the engine. Committed to be the leader in the integration of industry and finance. Through two major sectors – the financial sector and the industrial sector, with a professional investment management team and a project operation team, combined with a rich physical project format, through rigorous development process, perfect project management and strong resource integration, and strive to become a multi-service integration Multi-functional super-large industry alliance with mutual benefit and mutual benefit.

China Economic Times: What are your policy recommendations for industrial integration development?

Miao Wang: I believe that the cost reduction reform needs to continue, electric scooter for Adult in other word, it needs to have a further developed. In addition to the impact of continuous increase in corporate costs such as labor costs and environmental costs, and the difficulty of improving the ability of enterprises to innovate in the short term, the cost reduction is also facing new challenges. At the same time, there is still much room for improvement in the business environment, and the sense of corporate satisfaction still needs to be improved.