For heavy Facebook app users, the tool should give a good sense of how much time you’ve sacrificed to the social network. The tool nudges you to take more control over your Facebook experience. Below the bar graph is the bolded suggestion to Manage Your Time, followed by links to your preferences menu for the News Feed and your friends list, from which you can supposedly tell the algorithm to show you more photos and less news, or vice versa, or to see more of certain friends and less of others. On Instagram, you get the option to change your notifications. Which you should! You don’t need push alerts for likes on Instagram.

The most potentially disruptive and annoyingbut helpfulnew feature for both apps is a timer you can set, which Facebook politely calls a Daily Reminder. Tell the app how long you think it’s healthy for you to be on Facebook or Instagram, and it’ll nudge you to sign off once you reach that limit. While Facebook’s digital wellness measures are welcome, it’s also industry standard at this point. This year, all the social media and the big consumer tech companies have rolled out similar transparency tools, all with the goal of helping people reclaim their time and use their phones and apps less.

Facebook and instagram bring too much information and convenience to us, the technological society has became a trend that improve our country’s development, of course for our healthy, we should use properly and avoid staring at them for a long time.

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